Tutorial: Owl

Hi, girls! I got few requests to do a tutorial for the owl manicure, I posted yesterday, so I decided to publish it today. I used the same polishes as for yesterday's manicure, but you can adjust colors, if you'll do this manicure.

Step 1: Use any nail polish as your base color, I used sheer white shade and applied few coats. You can also use only your base coat before drawing an owl, but I prefer, if there's a white or any other color underneath.
Step 2: Then do a manicure, as you would do it for a half moon manicure. I did it free-hand. First I draw semicircle with golden shade and then I filled it in. Both ends of a half moon present ears.
Step 3: Then use any other shade, I used a nude shade, and draw semicircle on the top of your nail. 
Step 4: Use a yellow polish and a dotting tool and make 2 dots on a golden part for eyes.
Step 5: Use a black polish and make 2 smaller dots into yellow dots.
Step 6: Use a yellow polish and a thin brush and draw a triangle for a nose on a top of nude semicircle.
Step 7: Then do few golden triangles/lines for feathers.
Step 8: Use a top coat to seal your manicure and make it last longer. You're done.

I know I suck at describing things in English, but I think the photo shows you very well, how to do an owl on your nails. I hope you like this tutorial and thank you for reading!