Review and Swatches: Essence Longlasting Lipsticks

Hi, everyone! As I promised yesterday, today I'll review 4 Essence longlasting lipsticks from their new assortment. I got Coral Calling, Colour Crush, Wear Berries and Cotton Candy.

There are 10 lispticks in new assortiment and I have to admit, I was really temped to get them all, because there are really nice shades. In the end I took 4 colors, that I thought I'll wear the most. This time Essence did pretty good job, because they finally released pigmented lispticks in regular assortiment and these are much better than their old lipsticks, that were more like coloured lip balm. I also love the packaging, it's black with coloured circle in the middle, so you can see, what color the lipstick is, and to me the packaging looks elegant.

Pigmentation isn't as good as lipsticks from Home Sweet Home or Tribal Summer had it, but it's still pretty good. I usually apply them in 2 coats. Because they're less pigmented than lipsticks from their LE's, they're also easier to apply. The formula is creamy and they are not matt, because after they dry, they still look a bit shiny on lips. They last around 2-3 hours on lips and they don't dry them out. But they can emphasize dry parts on lips, so I always peel my lips before wearing them. They also don't survive eating or drinking.

First lipstick is 01 Coral Calling. I took this one, because it's very pretty coral shade and I can combine it with many looks. This one lasts around 2-3 hours on me. I have a feeling, that this shade will be one of my go to shades in fall and winter.

Next is 08 Colour Crush. This is a bright pink shade, which I like, but its formula dissapointed me the most. From all of them it emphasize dry parts of my lips the most and its staying power is around 2 hours, no more.

Next is 09 Wear Berries. This one is my favourite. It's a gorgeous purple shade and it's another shade, that's very appropriate for fall and winter. This one has the best color payoff. On me it lasted around 2-3 hours and then it lefted stain, that was there for about an hour. This one leaves nice, even stain, not like other shades, that don't stain even (specially both pink ones).

Last one is 10 Cotton Candy, another pink shade. Don't have that much to say here, formula it's similar to other shades and it lasted on me for about 2-3 hours. But I prefer this pink shade over Colour Crush.

I also made few comparisons to see, if I have anything similar in my stash already. I compared Essence Coral Calling with Elf Seductive, Catrice Colour Bomb and B.pretty Apricot, but I haven't found any dupes here.

I compared Essence Wear Berries with Manhattan 56U, Catrice Russian Violette and Catrice Lovely Lilac and that are basically my all purple lipsticks. The most similar to Essence is Catrice Russian Violette, but it's more pinkish purple, so they're not the same. And it's more shiny on lips that Essence Wear Berries. Catrice Lucky in Lilac is a bir darker than Essence.

First I planned to compare both pink Essence lispticks with many more shades, that I have in my stash, but Isadora Pink Darling and Maybelline Faint for Fuchsia were the most similar, so I made comparison with these 2 only. Essence Colour Crush doesn't have a dupe in my stash, but Essence Cotton Candy and Isadora Pink Darling are almost the same. Isadora is completely matt and Essence is more shiny.

One Essence lipstick contains 3,8 g of products and the price in Slovenia is 2,49 €. They're available in Müller, Dm and Tuš drugstore. Although they don't last very long, I think these are very good lisptick, specially fot this price. 

Did you get any of these new Essence longlasting lipsticks? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!