Review and Swatches: Catrice Eve in Bloom Lip and Cheek Colour 03 Bed of Flowers

Hi, everyone! Today I have a review of Catrice lip and cheek colour from Eve in Bloom collection for you. There were 3 different colors, but I took the dark fuchsia one, because I don't have a blush in that color yet and it looked very pretty to e. It's called Bed of Flowers.

The packaging is very simple, plastic, with transparent lid, that has a flower on it. Bed of Flowers has a creamy texture and it's meant for usage on lips and cheeks. I tried it both ways and I have to say, I like it as a blush, but not that much as lip product. The pigmentation is not very good, this blush is actually pretty sheer, specially on lips. But it blends nicely on cheeks and it's buildable, so you can apply more coats to make it more visible. I'm use to applying creme blushes with fingers and to me is the fact, that darker creme blushes aren't very opaque, good, because I'm more on a pale side (although at the moment I have a nice tan) and I like to exaggerate, but with less opaque creme blushes I can control the application and built it as much as I need.

A swatch on my hand. I think I did 3 coats here.

I also tried it on lips. It came pretty sheer and I had to apply few coats to make it opaque. I read some reviews, where girls said, that it leaves stain, but with me that didn't happen, it was gone after one hour of wear. It also dried my lips a bit, although I used lip balm before. It actually looks nice on lips, because it gives my lips a rosy color, but it drys them and I don't like that, so I'll use it only as a blush.

And that's how it looks on my cheeks. I do like it a lot as a blush. I think I applied 2 coats here or 2 times, I don't know, what's better expression (applied once, blended, applied second time, blended). I actually really like, how it looks on me, specially now, when I'm more tanned. And I was also impressed with duration, because it lasted on me 6 hours (usually creme blushes last on me for around 4 hours).

And here's a simple makeup, where I wear Bed of Flowers on my cheeks and lips. Otherwise I'm also wearing some foundation and mascara. And I used Catrice pencil to fill my brows, but that's it. I kinda like this simple makeup look, it looks quite natural.

Lip and Cheek colour contains 3,8 g and it costed 4,19 €. Collection Eve in Bloom is still available in Müller.

Did you get anything from Eve in Bloom collection? What do you think about this blush? Thank you for reading!