Random Sunday #39

Hi, girls! I'm don't post Random Sunday posts regular, because on Sunday's I'm not really into a mood to write posts and I have no idea, why. But today I wanted to publish it anyway, because I have some photos to show you.

Trying to do a bun with a braid without doughnut. But it doesn't look that nice.

My skittle manicure in golden and black. I was trying my 2 new P2 polishes.

Another manicure from this week. This one is a recreation of one of manicures, I did for 10 Days Summer challenge.

New goodies for my skin: Paula's Choice Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment Cream, Resist Retinol Intensive-Wrinkle Repair Serum and some testers. Expect reviews in some weeks, after I'll test these products propetly.

New in my stash - P2 sand polishes. Love them. My nails are finally in a good shape, so I'll swatch them soon.

New Essence lispticks in my stash. Already swatched them all, so expect review this week.

 A haul from Graz (and also local Müller).

My breakfast. I use to didn't like cereal and fruit together, but lately I adore eating them together.

Here and there I love to eat ice cream from McDonalds. Here I tried white Magnum, but I didn't like it that much, it had too much almonds.

And some photos of Graz. My darling and I went on a trip there last Friday. I adore this city, to me it's so beautiful. Definitely go visit it, if you have a chance.

I hope you'll have amazing week. And don't forget to come back on my blog, I will have many new reviews for you next week. Thank you for reading!