New In (August)

Hi, girls! Before writing this post I was kinda sceptical, if I should post it or not, because this month I got a lot of new stuff. But then again, many of them I got in giveaway or for review purposes or even from my BF. Then another excuse is, that I went to Graz, where I allowed myself to spend a bit more, because I probably won't go in Graz for few months now. Another thing is, that new Essence and Catrice stuff came in August in our stores and I bought some of them. Yes, I'm full of eycuses today because of my huge haul, sorry.

I'm starting with some hair and body care products. I got new Balea Vitamin shampoo, because I'm running out of my first bottle of this shampoo. I had 50 % coupon on shampoos, so I also bought Garnier Ultra Doux, which is also a big packaging (500 ml), so these 2 will last me for a very long time. I had to get new conditioner and I'm always buying Dove Hair Therapy With Argain Oil, which is really amazing. I also got 2 new shaving gels from Balea, Buttermilk Lemon and Caribbean Dream.

I'm also running out of my Avon Adance Tehnicques oil, so I ordered a new one. I also ordered Avon Naturals Herbal mask and I got a comb as a gift with my purchase. I'm buying Aveo Mandel nail polish remover again, because I didn't notice any improvement on my nails, since I stopped using it, so I think, it's not a problem in acetone. I also got Garnier Mineral Deodorant, because the one from Balea, I got last month, was very bad.

My nail polish haul is huuuuge this month. But at least a half of them I got, not bought, so that's a bit consoling.

Polishes, I won in giveaway at Zebra-nails: Flormar WL08, Golden Rose Jelly Jewels 118, Maybelline Colorama 80, Mag 94, Golden Rose Atomic Green, Nogotok 21, Flormar Pretty P02, Nogotok 5 and Golden Rose Holiday 55.

Models Own nail art pen I got from store Click2chic for review purposes. I got last bottle of my favourite Essence top coat, so I luckily have a back up bottle for some time. I bought myself Catrice Quel Bleu Turquoise and both Vollare polishes. Essie Bahama Mama was a gift from my darling for our anniversary. 

This is my haul from Graz. I allowed myself to spend a bit more, because now I won't go to Graz for few months. I got Essence Here's My Number, Douglas Blue Starfish, Anny Boogie Woogie and Drean On and 5 P2 polishes Lovesome, Classy, Precious, Seductive and Before Sunrise. 

And few beauty stuff without nail polishes. If I exclude nail polishes, I actually didn't get that much. I got NYX Milk jumbo eye pencil for review purposes, Avon lip balm from Zebra-nails and other stuff I bought. I got new Catrice lipstick Russian Violette, 4 Essence lipsticks Colour Crush, Wear Berries, Coral Calling and Cotton Candy, new Catrice Pure Shine colour lip balm in Go Flamingo Go, Catrice lip and cheak colour Bed of Flowers, Catrice eyeliner and Essence I Love Extreme mascara.I also got a sample of famous Moroccanoil with a purscase of Elle magazine.

And few testers. Sleek New Skin Revive tester kit for review purposes, few perfumes, testers of BB cream and foundation ...

Ok, this month my haul was really huge, but I promise, that next month will be much smaller. I already made swatches of most of new products and I'm preparing reviews in next few weeks. First there will be a review of Essence lispticks (probably tomorrow, because I don't have material for Random Sunday), then NYX Milk pencil, then probably swatch of Essie Bahama Mama, because many of you were interested in its swatch and so on. 

Which pretty things did you get this month? Thank you for reading!