My Favourite Hair Products at the Moment

Hi, girls! Today I'm going to write about my favourite products for my hair at the moment. But before I start, let me tell you something about my hair. I have very thin and heavy hair, so they always look, like they don't have any volume at all. At the moment I have very long hair, which I wear in a pony tail or in a bun all the time. 
I use to dye my hair, but now I haven't dye them for few year, because I like my natural color. I always dry them on air, when I wash them, I almost never use hair dryer (except sometimes in winter, when I have to go somewhere and I wash them in the last moment, but that's rare). I also don't use curler, because curls don't last on my me. They look pretty for one hour and then my hair become straight. You probably all know, that brushing wet hair isn't recommendable. I never brush them, until they're not completely dry. Some time ago I watched a video from Amelia Liana, where she talked about hair care and she said, that it's better to start brushing your hair at the bottom on ends of your hair and then going up, because you damage your hair less that way. I admit, I didn't know that before this video and it's a good advice, so I'm doing it that way now.

I use to wash my hair every second day or even every day, but now I try to wash them twice a week, three times, if neccessary. I noticed, that since I don't wash them so often anymore, they're more healthy, they look better on second and also on third day. I have more greasy hair on a scalp and more dry ends. Well, since I wash them twice a week, they don't look so greasy on a second day anymore (maybe a bit on a scalp, but that can be solved with dry shampoo) and my ends don't get dry so fast.

Balea Vitamin Shampoo 
I only used one bottle of this shampoo, but I'm already loving it. It's foams nicely, it cleanes my hair and the smell it's just amazing. I also like, that it doesn't left such a drying feeling on my hair as shampoos I've been using before did. It contains 500 ml, which I love, because I have very long hair and I use a lot of shampoo, and it cost between only 0,80 €, which is a bargain.  

Dove Hair Therapy With Argain Oil
This treatment was recommend to me by Mateja from Mateja's Beauty Blog and I have to say this is my holy grail products, since I've tried it. The consistency is a bit thick, thicker than by conditioners, I've been using before, but it washes down very nicely and it leaves silky and soft hair. It says on the packaging, that you should leave it on your hair for 1 minute long, but I usually leave it for few minutes. The smell is pleasant. Treatment is white and gold as the packaging. It's available only in Müller and it costs 4 €.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair With Liquid Xeratin Complex
When my hair dry a bit, I first use this products and spray it all over my hair. This products helps my hair to get even softer and easier to brush through. I almost finished this bottle, but I'm definitely buying a new one. This products contains 200 ml and it lasts really long, I think I finish 2 in one year or maybe not even that much, I'm not sure. The price is something over 2 €.

Avon Advance Techniques Maroccan Argan Oil
Then I use Avon treatment on my ends (when they're still wet). I don't wash it off. I use it together with Alverde oil. Avon oil is a bit more wet than Alverde one (if you understand, what I'm trying to say), but it doesn't make my ends heavy. It makes them soft. But you have to be careful not to use too much, otherwise your hair will become greasy. The smell of this product is amazing. It contains 30 ml, which also last long, I use it for few months now and I still have it for few uses. The price is around 6 €, but Avon often has sales and then it costs 4 €.

Alverde Naturcosmetics Hair Oil with Mandel and Argan Oil
As I said, I use this products together with Avon treatment. I don't know, why I used them together, I just got use to it. I use 2 pumps of Avon treatment and one pump of Alverde oil. Alverde oil is dryer than Avon treatment, but to me they work the same. Alverde oil contains 50 ml and it costs 3,45 €.

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair Ultimare Repar Fluid for hair ends
This last product I'm using for about 2 months now, but I really like it. I use it, when my hair is dry and only on ends, when they're electrified. One or two pumps are enough to make my ends smooth and silky and nice looking. The price of this product is 5,25 €, but I bought it with a coupon for 50 % discount. Because I use it very little and not too often, I think it will last me quite long.

I do use other products too, like hair masks or treatments, occasionaly hairspray (only, when I do a special hairstyle), but mentioned products are my favourite and I used them every time I wash my hair. Here are 2 photos, where you can see, how my hair look freshly washed. I'm sorry, I don't have better photos of my hair, but I'm usually my own photographer. You can see better my hair in this post, where I posted a hair tutorial.

This wasn't very long review of every product, it was only a presentation of my favourite hair products, so if you have any questions, let me know in comments. Which products do you use for your hair? Did you try any of those, I'm using? Thank you for reading!