Monthly Favourites (July&August 2013)

Hi, girls! We're already deep in September (one week is deep to me:P), so I think it's time for another Monthly Favourites post. I haven't done any in July, so I'm posting favourites of July and August together. There's no eyeshadows and similar, because a lot of products I was loving during summer, I already posted in June favourites

I bought L'Oreal micellar water, because many bloggers said, that it's the same as Bioderma. Then I read few reviews, that Bioderma is better, but I had a sample of it and I compared it with L'Oreal and for me they work the same. I like this micellar water, because it removes face makeup very good (for eye makeup I'm using Ombia remover). But it has negative sites too, like the packaging - it has too big opening and it comes too much product out at once. But it's definitely the best remover for face makeup I've tried. Next is Balea Hawaii Pinneaple shower gel, which smells like pinneapple and I totally felt in love with the smell. I also love to use Balea Indian Chai shower peeling, but I almost ran our of it and it's not available anymore, because it was LE. The smell is pretty sweet, but it reminds me on one product I've been using few year ago (I can't remember, if it was shower gel or lotion) and that's why it stole my heart, because it reminded me on something nice from the past.

Every night before going to bed I'm using Balea Wellness feet butter, that smells like a mint. The smell is too strong for me, but the butter makes miracles for my feet - they're smooth and my heels are not rough after usage. Lemony Flutter is my big love and I have to mention it in this post, because my nails and cuticles are not in very good condition lately and this product is a saviour. During summer my favourite blush was Essence Ballerina Backstage Blush Sufllé Prima Ballerina. It's a rosy creme blush, which was perfect to wear in the summer time. I was also loving Deborah BB cream, which gives my skin medium coverage, but now, when I got a bit tan, it's perfect to wear (I have a shade Fair, which is too dark for me during winter). You won't find it on photo, because I forgot to photograph it.

After I posted my top 10 summer lip products, I rediscovered Catrice Lobster Love lipstick, which is a coral shade and perfect for summer. I wore it regular, until I didn't get Catrice Russian Violette lipstick, which is a gorgeous purple shade and I wore it almost every day, since I got it, so I had to include it in this post. Another favourite from lip products is Avon Colour Trend Candy Apple lip balm. Lip balms are my daily must have products, because I have often dry lips and in my last few empty posts you saw, that I finish a lot of them. I like this one, because it smells like apple and it mousturizes lips great. I also included in last 2 months favourites L'Oreal False Lash Wings mascara, because I've been using it all the time. The first impression was not that good, but when it dried a bit, I started to loving it. It gives a volume to lashes, it doesn't stick them together and it doesn't leave black spots under eyes after few hours. But I'll probably start to neglect it now, because few days ago I discovered better mascara. And the last product, that is probably my favourite in this post and I had to include it, although I already published my top 10 summer nail polishes, is China Glaze Higlight of my Summer nail polish. Ah, perfect neon green.

Which products did you loved last month or two? Did you try any of mentioned products, what do you think about them? Thank you for reading!