Monday Palette Review: Flormar Pretty Compact P041

Hi, girls! In today's Monday Palette Review series I'm presenting you Flormar Pretty Compact P041 quartet eye shadow palette. I got it few months ago. Flormar is sold only in Supernova in Ljubljana here by us, I think. I saw few swacthes of this palette, before I got it, and I really liked it, so I decided to search for it in Ljubljana and they had it. This is my first and only Flormar palette.

Eyeshadows come in a big pink plastic packaging. The lid can be removed and eyeshadows are divided in the palette. The combination of these colors reminds me on fall - these are all colors of fall leaves. Although someone would may think, that this is a bit strange color combination, they're actually very useful. They are all shimmery and the pigmentation od this palette is amazing. I have to admit, I was really suprised, when I swatched them in the store, because I didn't expect, they'll be so great pigmented. I expected, that they'll be in a range of Essence eyeshadows, but they're much better. They are very soft, they don't dust and there's minimal fall out. Over eyeshadow base they lasted on my lids a whole day without creasing and without fading away.

Swatches are made on my bare skin. None of these doesn't have a name, unfortunately, but my favourite is brown, followed by green, orange and yellow. They are nice blendable and after I blended them on my lids, they were less intense as they are on swatches.

And the makeup look, I did with this palette. I used orange on my lids, brown in my crease, yellow in inner corner and green under my eyes. I think that this will be one of my go to fall looks, because I love, how it looked on me. Although next time I'll use NYX Milk as a base to make eyeshadows pop out more (although my camera always makes makeup looks less intense as they really are).

This palette has 14 g, which is really a lot (if I compare it to Sleek palette, which has 12 eyeshadows and 13,2 g). That means, that one eyeshadow in this palette has 3,5 g, which is more than Catrice (2 g) or Essence (2,5 g) mono eyeshadows. I'm so sorry, but I don't remember they exact price, I think I payed 7-8 € for it. 

This palette definitely surpised me, beceause I expected to be less good and I also love the colors, so if you want to try their palettes, I do recommend you this one. 

Have you tried Flormar eyeshadows/eyeshadow palettes before? What do you think about them? And what is your opinion of this palette, do you like this color combination in the palette or it's not your favourite? Thank you for reading!