Monday Palette Review: Beauty UK Palettes

Hi, girls! I'm back with my Monday Palette Review series. Hopefully this time until I don't review all palettes, I haven't yet. Today I'm showing you swatches of 4 Beauty Uk palettes, that I got some time ago on a sale, where I bought one and got two for the same price (I think I payed around 11-12 € for all 4 palettes, because beside that action they were also 10 % off). I got these palettes, because I really liked my Earth Child palette, which is perfect to create neutral looks.

The quality of Beauty Uk palettes isn't that bad, but I still prefer Sleek palettes, which have better quality. Beauty Uk palettes come in a plastic packaging with transparent lid and each contains 10 eyeshadows. One palette weight 10 g. The pigmentation od eyeshadows is very different, it can happen, that one palette has good and bad pigmented eyeshadows. There are 7 palettes available in this collection, I own them 5 (7th palette is new, it's called Naked). The only palette, that's missing in my collection beside new Naked palette, is Soho Bright, which has neon shades. 
Mostly eyeshadows are very nice to apply, have minimal fall out, do blend nicely and they last on lids few hours, before they start fading away. Minority shadows are a bit chalky and they do dust. I also didn't notice any creasing, but I always use primer before appying eyeshadow and that helps preventing creasing. Also, none of the eyeshadows has a name, which is not very nice, specially becase I love palettes, where every eyeshadow has its own name. And they don't even have written the name of the palette, only numbers, so you have to search for those on the Internet.

No 1 Pastels
This is probably my least favourite palette from all. It has 10 shimmery eyeshadows and most of them have poor pigmentation. I really like both brown shades in this palette and they're both great pigmented. If I would knew, that these eyeshadows aren't that good pigmented, I would probably skip this palette.

No 3 Glitz
This is a palette, that has 10 eyeshadows with little silver glitter. Colors are mainly very nice, although I probably wouldn't add pink shadows, if I would create this palette, because I don't like wearing pink on my eyes. Otherwise pigmentation of these eyeshadows is very good and I think this palette is very useful, because you can create more neutral look with browns and maybe black in crease on one side or more colorful look on the other side.

No 5 Twilight
This is a palette, that contains darker blue coloured and greyish colors. White and light grey shade in upper left corner are hard and bad pigmented, but other shades are very good and this palette is perfect for all those, who like to wear dark blue smoky looks. 

No 6 Day&Night
This is probably my favourite palette from these 4, but not because of colors, because the mixture is a bit strange, but because the quality of these shadows is the best. Even the white in this palette is good pigmented. I specially like to use lower row of eyeshadows, first 3 shadows are really amazing. I even like the hot pink shade in lower row, although I don't wear it, because I don't like pink on eyes.

If I conclude, the quality of these palettes is not that bad. I specially recommend them to those, who are just starting with makeup and don't have much experience, becase they're easy to work with and they're cheap. I would definitely recommend you to try Earth Child palette, that has neautral shadows and it's perfect for every days use (I reviewed it here), and I also think, that Glitz and Day&Night are good palettes to try out. By my opinion you should stay away from Pastels palette, because it's not good, and you should try Twilight only, if you like to wear blue shades (what's the point of having palette with blue shades, if you won't wear them?). In Slovenia they're available on Lič for 6,95 € and for international readers on Beauty Uk site for £3,99. 

Sorry, but today I don't have any makeup look for you. I did prepare some for each palette, but I guess I deleted them while cleaning my Blog folder with old photos for blog. :(

Did you try Beauty UK palettes before? Which one do you like the most? Thank you for reading!