Fall Manicure: What does the fox say?

Hi, everyone! Sorry, but I couldn't help myself, I had to title my post "What does the fox say". :D I bet, you all heard this song by brothers Ylvis till now, if you haven't yet, here's a link to video on Yotube. This song is really catchy, I have it on repeat for few days now and I just can't stop listening to it. This song was also an inspiration for my fox manicure in Fall Manicure series.

Unfortunatelly the fox on my nails didn't came out as I had in mind. I made too big snout and that's why it looks more like cat's snout, not fox's one. And white polish. It looked ok, until I didn't use a top coat, then orange polish underneath striked out and it looks more nude than white. On photo tutorial you can see, what I actually had in mind, when I wanted to draw fox on my nails. But I didn't re-do it, because otherwise I really like this manicure. And I'm pretty satisfied with a tail, I made on ring finger. I know I probably bore you already with dots on other fingers, but they're the best solution for easy nail art. Polishes, I used here, are OPI Don't Pretzel My Button, Essence Wake Up, She 115 and Maybelline 23.

I also made a tutorial, if you want to try fox nail art yourself too:
Step 1: Paint your nails with selected colour.
Step 2: With orange polish do a semicircle on your nail.
Step 3: With same orange polish and a thin brush draw ears.
Step 4: Use a white polish and paint it into a V shape. I suggest you to use a creamy white, that's more opaque. Mine is a bit watery and the orange started to strike out.
Step 5: With white polish do white triangles into ears.
Step 6: With black polish and a dotting tool do eyes and a snout. 
Step 7: With thin brush do few thin lines for fox's hair on snout.
Step 8: Use a top coats to seal your manicure.

What do you think about today's fall manicure? Thank you for reading!