Essence Nail Art Glow in the Dark Top Coat

Hi, girls! After few other reviews I'm really into a posting nail polish related posts, so today I have another one for you. Today I'm reviewing Essence Nail Art Glow in the dark to coat. I bought it without any expectation and I have to say, I like it becuse of its formula, but if you expect, that you'll get a polish, that you'll apply on your nails, switch off your light and it will glow, than better don't get it.

Top coat it's not transparent in the bottle, it looks more "yellowish" white and it contains tiny shimmer. It drys matte on nails. The formula is very good, it's not too thich or too liquidy and it's easy to apply. Drying time is also pretty fast, so I usually don't apply a top coat over it, because I know, it'll dry in few minutes and I like the matte looks, that it leaves it. I wore it few times in a row over different polishes. Here I applied one coat over Essie Bahama Mama and you can see, that it chages the color of a nail polish.

Now let's go to the glowy part. As I said, don't expect too much. In the bottle it glows in a dark a bit, but it really starts glowing, if you'll first hold it under a light for few seconds. When I first time applied it, it was in the morning and then I was waiting till the evening to see, if it'll glow in the dark. Well, it didn't. I had to hold it under a light for few seconds and then it did glow pretty strong, but the effect didn't last for a long time, only for few minutes. I don't have old Essence glow in the dark polish, but if you expect from this one, that it will glow always, when it'll be dark, then better don't buy it, although it's cheap.

These 2 photos were made after I hold my nails under a light for few seconds (the same way I also take a photo of the bottle). Do you know, how hard it was to photograph this polish? I only have these 2 crapy photos for you. I have no idea, how other girls make so amazig photos of glow in the dark polishes.

This polish contains 8 ml and the prize is around 2 €, I don't remember anymore, how much exactly. I do like it as a top coat, because I like its finish and the glowy part isn't that important to me.

What do you think girls, will you get it or not? Do you know any great glow in the dark nail polish/top coat? Thank you for reading!