Ebelin Pad for Peeling and Massage (Ebelin Gesichtspeeling + Massagepad)

Hi, girls! Today I have for you a review of Ebelin pad for peeling and massaging your face. This review will be very positive, because I adore this product.

Ebelin pad is in a pink color, which is not my favourite, but let's ignore that now. On one side it has a handle, where you can hold it while using it, and on other side it has small bristles, with which you clean your face. They say, it's from plant source. It's flexible, it won't brake, if you'll curve it. It's very gentle to skin and easy to use. I use it so, that I apply face gel on my face or on a pad and then I massage my face with circular motions. After that I wash the gel off and my skin feels smoother and cleaner as it does, if I use face gel only with my fingers. It's also very easy to clean. I wash it under warm water after every usage and periodicaly I use a shampoo to wash it (when I wash my brushes). It's perfect for every day use, because it's so soft. My friend told me, that it's also pefect for cleaning brushes and I'm thinking to get another one for that purpose.

The price of this pad is only 1,75 €, which is a bargain. It's totally worth the money and I think that people with sensitive skin can also use it, because it's very gentle. I recommend you this product. Cheap, but it works great. Ebelin products are available in DM. 

Have you tried this pad already, are you so impressed as I am? Thank you for reading!