Random Sunday #38

Hi, girls! I haven't done Random Sunday for ages and because I took few photos in last few weeks, I decided to post one today finally. It's actually Monday already, because it's already one, but it doesn't matter, I'll name it Random Sunday anyway. 

There was a little surprise hiding in this cute bag for me.

It was Essie Bahama Mama, a gorgeous plum color.

Some time ago I won a giveaway on Zebra-nails blog and last week I received my package. Beside giveaway prize she send me few more goodies.

First polish, I tried, was Golden Rose Holiday number 55, a beautiful glitter blue polish.

Another photo of my manicure with GR polish in the sun.

There's no better plac for sleeping as shoes. That's what Taček thinks.

One of the things, that made me busy last 2 weeks. We have 2 fields of pumpkins and we clean them all manual and that takes some time.


Just I. :)

Baby cola.

Cooking home-made tomato souce (it's actually mezga in Slovene, but disctionary translated that into a jam, which is not a correct word and I'm not even sure, if souce is a correct word for this). I prefer it over ketchup, which I try to avoid, so I decided to cook some tomato souce at home. I probably haven't told you yet, but I could totally live only from eating tomato and tuna.

I got a sample of famous Moroccanoil with magazine Elle. I haven't try it yet, but as soon as I will, I'lll let you know, what I think about it (so follow me on Twitter or Facebook ;)).

Pizza. It's a bit more "healthy" version, because I used spelt flour and home made tomato souce plus a lot of vegetable.

This weekend I did a bit of shopping. I bought Aveo remover again, because after a month of using Essence one I didn't notice any difference on my nails (they still break like crazy), so it probably wasn't the problem in acetone. I also got Essence I Love Extreme mascara, Catrice eyeliner, Catrice lipstick, tweezers and 2 Vollare polishes.

And swach of both Vollare polishes. They have numbers 40/1 and 40/2, quite boring. but they're pretty shades. 
Excuse my horrible nails situation, they just can't stop breaking.

I hope, you'll have amazing week. Thank you for reading!