New In (July)

Hi, girls! Today I have a haul post for you. I don't do these kind of posts often, because I mostly show you my hauls in Random Sunday posts, but I usually show only nail polish hauls or makeup and nothing else, so I decided to do a haul post every month to show you, what I bought. As much as I saw on other blogs, you really like these kind of posts, so they'll become regular posts on my blog now.

I got Ombia Cosmetics wet wibes, because I use those while swatching makeup products and these are really the best. Unfortunatelly they're limited edition, but I got only 1 packaging, because I'm using ones from Ebelin now, which are not so good, because they're smaller and thinner, but I still have a half of them, so I think, till I'll finish both of these packaging, Ombia will release wet wibes again. I also got Couleur Caramel shimmery body lotion, which I won in a giveaway. Omega-3 capsules are so expensive by us, but I found Das Gesunde Plus Omega-3 in DM for 3 €. I also bought L'Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Micellar Solution and my first impression is good. I compared it with Bioderma tester I have and by my experience there's no difference. L'Oreal micellar water has very different prices, it costs 6 € in DM and 4 € in Müller, so be careful, when you're buying it and rather buy it, where it costs less and save some money. :D

I needed a new top coat, but they didn't had the one, I'm always using, so I took Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer Fast Dry, but I don't like it very much. It drys manicure fast, but it leaves brush strokes, which I don't like. I bought She nail polishes from Glitters&Neons collection, which I already reviewed. For review purposes I received NYX Girls Bermuda Triangle, which you also already saw on my blog. Then I won a giveaway on Jelena's Wondeful Colors and my prize were China Glaze Highlight of my Summer, Zoya Valerie and China Glaze Atlantis.

I read few good reviews about Essence Femme Fatale lipliner, but when I saw it on Adjusting Beauty, I just knew, it had to be mine. I haven't try it yet, but when I will, I'll let you know, what I think about it. Another red shade, that joined my lip collection this month, is NYX lipgloss in True Red. I also got 2 new blushes from Maybelline in shades 201 and 501.

After I already took photos for this post, I went shopping in DM and I decided to include those products in this post too. I bought some new limited edition Balea products: Rio de Janeiro shower gel, which smells like a pineapple, London soap, which has a very light smell, and San Francisco hand lotion, which smells like a peach. Pefrect for summer, I would say. I also got Essence Nail Art nail polish remover, because I'm suspecting, that my beloved Aveo remover is guilty, that my nails are breaking like crazy and I want to stop using it for some time to see, if I'm right or not. Well, Essence remover isn't as good as Aveo one, but if you know any great removers, tell me in a comment below. I also got Balea Roll-on Sensitive deodorant, but I'm not very impressed, it doesn't work very good. I also bought white She 115 polish, because I almost finished teh first one and I needed a new one for summer challenge, I'm doing at the moment.

Tell me, do you like the idea about posting my hauls every month? Did you try any of the products I mention in this post? Thank you for reading!