10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 9: Inspired by Summer Night Out

Hi, girls! I'm one day late with this post, because yesterday I was in Graz and when I came home, I was so tired, that I had to skip writing this post. The theme of day 9 in 10 Days Summer Challenge was "inspired by summer night out" and I have to admit, I didn't had a clue, what to do here, but then I got a suggestion on Twitter, that I should do cocktails. I thought, that's great a idea (although this year didn't drink any coctail), so I decided take as inspiration blue cocktail from this photo.

I decided to use textured polishes to create a bit different effect. I would use a white textured polish too, but I don't have it, so I used She 115 instead. Blue polishes are Misslyn Royal Blue and Catrice Quel Bleu Turquoise. I decided not to apply top coat, because I really liked the effect, that both textured polishes created. Although I probably applied a bit to much Catrice polish on my index finger.

Other girls, participating in this challenge:
 - Shadow


What do yout think about this manicure? Thank you for reading!