10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 8: Summer Jewelry/Accessories

Hi, girls! I've been so bad with posting my manicures for 10 Days Summer Challenge, I should actually ended it 10 days ago, so I finally decided to edit photos and to publish all 3 manicures in next 3 days, because I already have brainstorming for my posts in September (I actually have so many ideas, that I could publish 2 posts per day every day. But I won't, because that would be too much).

Theme of day 8 was summer jewelry/accessories and for this manicure I chosed my favourite neon yellow earrings, that I bought last year in H&M. I did very simple desing. First I painted my nails with She 115 and then I used She 230 and Depend 35 for dots. I didn't do the exact desing as earrings look, because I wanted to make it as simple as possible.

Other girls, participating in this challenge:
 - Shadow


What do you think about this manicure and my earrings? Thank you for reading!