10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 4: Textured Nails

Hello, everyone! Today I have for you a new manicure in 10 Days Summer challenge. We're already at day 4, which means, that soon we'll do a half of the challenge already. Day 4 are textured nails and sand finish is one of my favourites lately. Which is kinda strange, if you think, that we all use top coat to make the surface of nails smoother. Well, anyway, today I won't talk much, but I do have a bunch of photos for you. This time I really managed to take good photos and I couldn't decide, which one to use and which not, so I used all.

I didn't really know, what to do for this challenge, but I knew, I want to use my favourite polish with sand finish Misslyn Royal Blue. 2 nails I painted with white She 115 polish and then I decided to draw flowers on it. For flowers I used  Lacura Jeans, Essie Avenue Maintain and China Glaze Highlight of my Summer.

 Very simple manicure, but I do like it. What do you think?

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Thank you for reading!