10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 1: Warm Colors

Hi, girls! As I said in my previous post, today I'm starting with a new challenge. I talked about it already in this post. It has 10 tasks and we decided to post it every second day, so it should be fun. Challenge is called 10 Days Summer Challenge

First task are warm colors and for this manicure I had in mind to do little skittle half moons, but I have to admit, the idea looked much better in my head than now, when it's realized on nails. I didn't want to use only 1 warm color, so I went with yellow, peachy, coral and red. On photo you can see, that I used only Essence polishes, but that was totally coincidence. I used She 115 as a base and then Essence My Yellow Fellow, Inti Inka, It's Peach Not Cherry, Off To Miami and Redvolution.

I also made a quick tutorial, if any of you want to recreate it, it's very easy to do. First you paint your nails with base color (white). Then you place dots randomly on nails (coral). When dots are dry, you use your base color (white) again and place smaller dots, so that they cover a half of a big dot and that way you get half moons. In the end just apply top coat to seal your manicure and you're done. 

Also, don't forget to check other participants of this challenge:
 - Shadow

What do oyu think about my manicure? Thank you for reading!