10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 2: Cold Colors

Hi, girls! Today I'm continuing with 10 Days Summer challenge and today's task were cold colors. Some time ago I found an amazing tutorial for sea nail art on Pinterest (I find a lot of inspiration there) and I decided to recreate it for this challenge. I know, I'm a copy cat here, but hey, challenges are always a good way to recreate manicures, you like. ;)

Although this is originaly not my idea, I love how it came out, it really succeeded me (usually, when I try to recreate manicures by tutorials from others, I fail). As a base I used Flormar 423. Then I used Bourjois In the Navy, Essence Mojito Green and Essie Avenue Maintain for sea. I added some sparkles with Constance Carol Aqua Sparkle and waves with She 115. I also used She polish for clouds. For the beach I used Essence BBC Golden Sands

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 - Shadow
What do you think about my second manicure for this challenge? Thank you for reading!