10 Days Summer Challenge - Day 6: Tribal Nails

Hi, everyone! Did you miss me? After four days I'm finally writing a new post. Sorry, I haven't post anything before, but these last few days I had other things to do and in the end there just wasn't time for writing posts (and also, I wasn't really in the mood to edit photos in the evening, because I was too tired). I have 2 manicures for 10 Days Summer Challenge done and they'll be publishes one today and one probably tomorrow (except if I'll have time to do photos and prepare post with my favourite summer nail polishes) and after then no sooner than on Friday or Saturday, it depends, when I'll have time to do a next manicure (we have a family event on Thursday, when it's holidays here and it takes a lot of preparations).

Source: Pinterest.

Today I'm publishing my 6th manicure in 10 Days Summer Challenge, although 2 days late (other girls published it on Sunday) and the theme of it is tribal. I'm not a fan of tribal nails, I never manage to do them nice and successful. There's always something wrong. So it was here. The manicure, you see, it's actually my second try, first one looked horrible. This one is a bit better, although still far from perfect. As my inspiration for tibal print I took the dress, you see on first photo. I used only 2 polishes: She 115 and Maybelline 23

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- Shadow
What do you think about my tribal nails? Thank you for reading!