S-he Glitters&Neons collection

Hi, girls! You can't imagine, how excited I was, when I saw, that S-he released polishes with flakies. I think they're dupes of Models Own Splash collection, because judging by the swatches they look very similar. I read many reviews and people didn't really like Models Own collection because of bad formula and my opinion about S-he collection is not better at all. 
I think collection is called Glitters&Neons (at least that was written on a cardboard). There were 4 polishes with flakies and 8 other colors. I took 3 colors with flakies, because I'm not a fan of pink color, and a green neon shade. Although I do like the color of the flakies, they look amazing in the bottle, let me tell you about the formula first, which was a real dissapointment.

These polishes had very thick formula, which was hard to apply and flakies almost didn't stay on nails. I had to dab them on nails, but that was a bad idea, because this caused bubbles. If I applied top coat over it, there were even more bubbles. Then I decided to add a thinner into them. Well, I had to use a lot of thinner, before I was satisfied with formula. After using thinner polishes went smoothly on, but flakies were still hard to apply. If I dabbed them, bubbles still appeared. Instead of that I used tweezers. Well, applying flakies with tweezers isn't that easy either, but it went better than with dabbing and there weren't any bubbles.

First I made swatches on a nail wheel and later also on nails. Upper 2 photos are without top coat and lower with top coat. Top coat smooths the surface and it doesn't effect on flakies, so that they would reflect their duochrome color less or something, but it causes more bubbles (at least, if you dab flakies or if you use thicker coat of a top coat, which I always do with glittery polishes. Maybe I should try with 2 thin coats next time). 

I made a swatch of S-he 006 on a nail wheel, before I added a thinner. I was making a video about this collection and I wanted to show the difference between original formula and formula, watered with thinner (you can find video in the end of this post). Thicker formula had coloured base, but it was less visible, after I used thinner. On a nail wheel I used 2 coats of S-he polish with flakies on a bare nail and also 2 coats over a coloured base. Where I dabbed flakies on a nail, the bubbles went crazy (you can see that with blue flakies on a bare nail). Too bad because of the formula, because flakies look amazing.

When I was doing swatches on nails, I already learned, how to apply them. I used one thin coat of a S-he polish over a cream polish and then tweezers to apply flakies randomly on nails. It happened really really rarely, that I manage to apply flakies with a brush on nails. 

S-he 006 has flakies, that reflect from green to gold and orange. Unfortunately the green color of flakies isn't that visible on nails. As a base I used Essence BBC Orange Sunset. Swatches are made with top coat.

S-he 007 has silver flakies, that also reflect blue and a bit of green. As a base I used Bourjois In the Navy. Swatches are made with top coat. 

S-he 008 has flakies, that reflect a lot of green and a bit of purple and blue. As a base I used Essence Tipi-Ya-Yeah. Swatches are made with top coat. Here I used a bit thicker coat of a top coat and as you can see, bubbles went crazy.

The last polish is S-he 003, a neon green shade. This one also has a dissapointing formula, because it's very sheer. I thought I'll need 3 coats for it, when I was filming a video, but when I was doing swatches on nails, I actually needed 4 coats to make it opaque. On my ring finger I used 2 coats over white polish. Beside that this formula is also watery, so I had to apply thin coats, otherwise I had it all over my cuticles. It drys matte.

And here's a video, I made in Slovene (it was filmed, before I did swatches on nails).

S-he polishes contain 10 ml and cost 2,5 €. The price is not high, but I'm not sure, any of these polishes is worth the money. If you'll use a thinner with flakies, the formula will be much better and polish will be easier to apply, but flakies still won't stay on nails (you'll have to dab them or use tweezers). 003 is very pretty color, but I have neon shades, that are opaque in less coats. My favourite green neon shade Ruby Kisses Tropical Green needs only 2 coats. So, if you're in the mood to play with these flakies and apply them with tweezers, get them, otherwise stay away from them. Flakies are really amazing, but formula not so much.

What do you think about this collection? Have you try any of these polishes? Did they dissapoint you too or you liked them? Thank you for reading!