New Post Series on my Blog

Hi, girls! Today I have a bit different blog post for you. I've been thinking about some time to write it, because I have so many ideas for my blog, but then I don't have time to write it or I'm too tired for blogging or I'm even not in the mood, specially now in Summer, when it's so hot and I already spend enough time on computer because of my diploma. I was thinking to start with few series on my blog, because as I said, I have so many ideas for my blog and I though if I'll write series, I'll realise them sooner. Another thing is, that I have so many products to review, but because they take so much time (after all, english isn't my mother language), I rather post nail polish swatches instead of reviews, because to me they're easier and faster to write. Now let me tell you, which series I have in plan to do:

  • Monday Palette Review
One of those products, that just never came on turn, when I review something, are palettes. Some I bough few months ago, took photos, made swatches, but then never reviewed. So from this Monday (22. 7.) I'll each week review one palette. This won't became permanent series, because I don't own that much palettes, I'll do it, until I don't review every single palette, I have in mind.
  • My top (10) 
For some time I was planning to do my favourite lip products for summer and then ideas, what I could do for my top products, started to jump into my head and I decided to do series. I put number 10 in bracket, because I won't do 10 stuff every time, but sometimes I'll do 5 or even less, it depends, what I'll write about. At the moment I have quite few ideas. I think, this one will become permanent series on my blog, it depends, how many ideas will I have in the future. Of course, if you have any idea, you can suggest it too.:) I'll do this series on Wednesdays.
  • Fashion Friday
No, I won't post any outfit ideas here. After I finished 31 day challenge, I kinda wasn't inspired for nail art anymore, also because my nails are breaking a lot, so I was thinking, should I start a new challenge or something? And then I watched JulieG videos and she makes Fashion Friday videos every Friday. Then I decided to do Fashion Friday series on my blog too, but nail art series, not fashion. I also really like the inspired by fashion manicure I did for 31 day challenge, so it'll be fun. I was also thinking to do a video tutorial for each (wearable) manicure, but I'll see, if I'll have time for that. This series will be posted every Friday (obviously) and I'll probably start with it in first week of August (2. 8.), when I hope, my nails will be in good shape already.
  •  10 Days Summer Challenge
I also joined a new challenge, created by Cat Girl. I really liked themes and there are only 10 days, so that should be fun. If you want to join this challenge too, check it here

  • FAQ
 Another thing is, I want to do FAQ or Question and answers site on my blog and here I need you help. I want to answer those questions, that interest you as my readers (because I'm doing this site for you and for all new readers), so if you want to know anything about me, my blog, my nail art ... write me in a comment down below, ask me on Twitter with hastag #asktaya or write me on my Facebook page.Thank you!

Random Sunday will stay and on other days I'll publish nail polish swatches, other beauty products reviews, tags ...Until I don't finish my diploma, I probably won't post every single day, but blog series will be posted regular. What do you think about my plans for blog? Thank you for reading!