My top 10: Favourite Summer Lip Products

Hi, everyone! As you can see, I'm starting with new series on my blog, where I'll write about my favourite products and other stuff. I'm starting with my top 10 lip products for summer. I was planning for a while to do this kind of post and now it's finally written. I named it favourite lip products and not lipsticks, because I disn't mention only lipsticks, but also lipliner, lip cream and lip tint.

As you can see, in my favourites are mostly pink coloured lip products (fuchsia, berry). I only have 3 products, that are in other shades, a red Essence, a coral Catrice and a peachy Maybelline lipstick. Summer is to me all about colors and I love to wear bright, pink shades. Altgough I'm a fan of red lip products, red is to me more fall and wintery shade.

This is definitely one of my most worn lipsticks. The color it's just amazing and it's pretty mousturizing, so I don't need to apply a lip balm underneath. I love it, because I can wear it with me and I can re-apply it even, if I don't have a mirror with me.

A nice peachy shade. I wear it, when I'm not in the mood for colors or I wear only mascara because of the heat. Then this lipsticks is very handy, because it looks very soft on me and it's also mousturizing.

Maybelline Vivid Rose
What can I say, I adore this color. The pigmentation of this lipstick is amazing. The application is a bit tricky like with all very good pigmented lipsticks, but when you put it on, it stays there for few hours. It also doesn't feel dry on my lips, which is very important to me. Review will come soon, I hope (photos are already edited).

A gorgeous coral matt shade, which I think it looks great on me.

Isadora Pink Darling
When I first saw the color of this lipsticks, I though I'm going to hate it, because it's very light pink shade, but then I applied it on my lips and I was actually surprised, how good it looked on me. Then I started to reach often after it and soon it became one of my favourites. It's matt, but it doesn't feel dry on my lips and it also lasts quite long. In August you can expect longer review about it.

I had to include one red lipstick in my top 10. I actually love to wear this one, because I think it's a perfect red shade for my skin tone. I feel sexy and confident with it. Well, the lasting power isn't the best, but we can survive that.

Till now you all probably tried Essence Stay Matt lip creams and you know, how amazing they are. This one is the prettiest from regular assortiment, if you ask me. It's pigmented, lasts long and it's perfect shade for summer.

This lip cream isn't as good as those from regular assortiment, because it's less pigmented and less longlasting (and also limited), but the color is perfect pink. 

Look by Bipa Bonbon
 Look by Bipa lipliners unfortunatelly aren't available in Slovenia, but if you'll ever be in Austria or Croatia, I recommend you to try these. They're super cheap, but have great formula, are easy to apply, last long on lips and have nice selection of colors (although they could have more). I have 3 and Bonbon is my favourite. I use it alone, because it's very wearable and I love its color.

Essence Sugar Baby Love
This is a lip tint and it drys lips, but I never wear it alone, I always apply it over Bonbon lipliner, so that it lasts longer on my lips. These are perfect combination together.

You can click on a name of lipsticks, if you want to see swatches on my lips. Some I haven't reviewed yet (but I will in the future). Swatches of those you'll find in video, I made.

What are your favourite lip products for summer? Thank you for reading!