How to: Prevent Bubbling

Hi, girls! Today I wanted to talk about a topic, with which many nail polish addicts face now in summer (and sometimes also in other seasons) - bubbling. When I was writing a post about She collection Glitters&Neons, I had huge problems with bubbles (because of formula) and I thought, why not to write a post about this problem. Maybe some of you will find this post totally unnecessary, because you're aready familiar with facts, how to prevent bubbling, but I believe, that this post will help some of my readers. Especially, because I have some friends, who totally ignore these facts and do everything opposite (e.g. shaking polish). These pieces of advice, I'm going to write in this post, are from my personal experience with bubbling.

There can be a lot of reasons for bubbling: the heat (so try to paint your nails in the morning or evening, when it's not so hot), wetness, thick formula of polish, thick coats, oils, and dirtiness on your nails ...

  • Do not shake the bottle of your polish. 
If you'll shake a bottle before applying polish is possible that the polish will make bubbles. I have one friend that shakes every bottle,that she takes into her hands. That really frustrates me. Yes, some polishes do have a metal bead into them, but they have it so that they wouldn't get thick very fast. It's better if you roll a bottle between your hands. On the lower photo, you can see what happens if you shake a bottle (I used the top coat because it's transparent and it's a better example than coloured nail polish).

  • Don't use thick coats. 
I'm one of those people who prefer using thick coats because I rather use 2 thicker coats than 3 thin. Well, that isn't the best idea, especially now in summer because the heat influences on polish and it can bubble faster. If polish has a too thick formula, try to use thinner to make it more liquidy (Misslyn has a thinner in a white plastic packaging).
  • Don't use too thick coat of a top coat.
Another thing, I like to do. Especially, when the top coat it's going to its end and becomes thicker. Then I like to use thicker coats (especially over nail art because I don't want to smudge it) because it's hard to apply thin coats, and that can cause bubbling. The solution here is also a thinner. I tested it with fast drying top coat and it doesn't influence on drying time, so feel free to use it. Or buy a new top coat (which I always do, I never finish top coat till the last drop). :)
  • Wait for few minutes between coats for them to dry.
I think most of us do that when polishing nails, but I can be impatient sometimes and I don't wait long enough before applying the second coat. If first coat isn't dry enough that can also cause bubbles. This advice is connected with first advice. Don't use too thick coats. If you'll use thin coats they'll dry faster. And if you're using a fast drying top coat, your manicure will dry fast in the end.

  • Wash your hands before applying a base coat.
Some of you will ask why because I know some bloggers use a hand cream, wait that it sinks into the skin and then they use a base coat. Well, I tried that and it didn't work for me because that always caused bubbles. Now I use my hand cream and also an oil on my cuticles, wait that they sink into the skin and then I go and wash my hands. That way I remove oils and dirt from them. Then I use a base coat. 
  • Find a base coat that will work for you.
You're probably thinking here what the hell is she saying. Well, every base coat doesn't work the same for every person. Last year I was using Essence 24/7 base coat, which was very praised in the blogosphere, but I had huge problems with it. It caused me bubbles with almost every manicure, so I never bought it again. The same goes with top coat. Maybe your top coat and base coat don't go along, so try to find a combination that will work for you,
  • Wait for your base coat to completely dry, before using a nail polish.
Usually, base coats dry fast, but again I'm saying from my personal experience that sometimes I didn't wait long enough for a base coat to dry and then my nail polish bubbled. Well, because I'm using fast drying top coat (which I honestly recommend you, if you don't use it yet), I can take few minutes more with a base coat. I usually wait for 15 minutes (then BC is certainly dry) or apply it one day before doing my manicure (if I paint my nails in the morning, I use a base coat in the evening).

An example of polish, that bubbled now in summer - here I used thicker coats of polish.

So, these are my advices what to do if you want to avoid bubbling. They work for me. If I forgot something, please, let me know how do you deal with bubbling. I hope you find this post useful. Thank you for reading!