Random Sunday #32

Hi, girls! Last week I skipped Random Sunday, lately I'm just always forgetting my camera at home, when I go somewhere or I don't go anywhere, so I don't take a lot of photos. But today I do have some photos for you, this week I remembered to photograph some things (mainly food). And I know, you like these random posts, so I have to continue with them. 

New Essence collection Ticket to Paradise is already available in Müller. I really liked polishes on promo photo, but in person they didn't convince me. But I did get both lip pencils, I just have to test them out and then write a review.

There was also new Catrice collection Matchpoint. My BF said, that I have to get a red polishes, because he likes it, so I did get it. We have to listen to our darlings, right? :P

After a long time we went to eat in Chinese restaurant. I really love their food. For appetizer we had vegetable wrap and for main meal I got "2 dragons" (dva zmaja), a meal with chicken and squid in sauce. Everything was very tasty. He are duck, which I don't like.

Poor Ris. Summer is just not his season, it's too hot.


 My mum make a cherry pie/strudel ("češnjev retaš"). It was so jummy. :)

Home made fruit coctail (I'm not sure, what is the right expression in English, we call it "sadna kupa" in Slovene). 

Bukovnica lake.

New in. I'm really looking foward to test all these products.:)

That's it for this week, I hope you'll spend gorgeous, not too hot week till next Sunday. Thank you for reading