Random Sunday #31

Hi, girls! How are you? Last week of May was pretty interesting, there happened some good things and I heard some good news, but there also happened not so good things, but I won't ramble about that, let's go to the photos of this week.

Slovenian store Ličila.si send me 2 polishes to test: China Glaze Tempest and Barry M Greenberry. Greenberry was on my WL, since I saw it on The Puzzle of Sandra's Life blog. I was so excited to see, what's in the package, that I opened it on the post office, I couldn't wait to get home, haha. I bet, it happened to you before too. :P Swatches will be published as soon as my nails will get a bit better (they're breaking like crazy lately).

I was thinking to start with 365 day photo challenge, so I tried to find some motives to photograph them, but I guess I don't have enough discipline to take one photo each day. All these photos were made on the same day. But that still doesn't mean, that I won't do this challenge.

Stairs on ground.

 New Essence Girls on Tour collection came in our Müller. I didn't get anything, because I find this collection pretty boring.

 New in in May. Post about all the goodies, I got in May, will be on my blog next week.

I finally cleaned all my brushes.

Comparing some polishes. As you can see, no dupes here, although for some people, that don't like having similar shades in their stash, one of each polish would be enough.

Face mask, that I got just because of packaging. As a history student I couldn't leave it in the store. I would love to see a nail polish collection, inspired by one history period, in the future.

Testing some of new product in my collection for reviews in June. Reviews of Catrice blush and camouflage cream, Ebelin and Ecotools brushes and L'Oreal mascara will be published next week already (yes, in June I'm planning to publish reviews, that are not connected with nail polish, every second day or even every day, it depend from the time, I'll have).

And that's the final result with these products. I went with simple look and I really liked the final result. Brown on my eyes, red on my cheaks and colorful lipstick are just great makeup for me. :)

That's it for this week. I wish you a lovely week and many sweet moments. Thank you for reading!