NOTD: H&M Blue

Hi, girls! My plan for June, that I'll publish a new not polish related review every day or every second day, isn't really going well. During the day I have other stuff to do and then in the evening I'm not really in the mood to write a detail review. Writing a review of a nail polish is much easier, that's why today I'm showing you a new beauty in my stash.

On Saturday my darling and I went to cinema and before movie we had some time to visit shops, so I went to H&M. I didn't really planning to buy something, we just wanted to kill some time, but then I saw these cute nail polish bottles at the cashpoint and I had to check them out. There were few different colors, but none was really interesting, except this blue one. The price and gorgeous color convinced me to get it.

It's called only Blue, which dissapointed me a bit, I have to say, because for this gorgeous dark blue shade with bright blue glitter I expected more interesting name. Like "galaxy blue" or something. The polish itself is pretty sheer, I needed 3 coats to cover my nails completely, because after 2 there was still visible nail line. But 3 coats are not a problem, the formula is amazing and polish applys like a butter. And I have to say, I'm totally in love with the bottle. It's small and it has a turquise cap with black lines, which reminds me on aztec print. I hoped, that there were be some interesting turquise color too, but they didn't have it. 

The bottle is mini, it contains 5 ml of polish and the price is only 0,95 €. I only wish, we would also get big NP bottles here, I really like H&M nail polishes.

Are you a fajn of H&M polishes? What do you think about this one? Thank you for reading!