MUA Shade 12

Hi, girls! Today I'm sharring a swatch of my first and only MUA polish with you. I got this polish for a review and I hesitate a bit, before publishing this post, because I'm not a fan of this polish and it's not so easy to write a negative review about the product, when you get it for free as when you buy it with your own money, but I promised a honest review, so here it is. 

This is a shade 12. First of all, as you all probably know already, I'm not a fan of pink color and I would never buy this color myself, but I would forgive it the color, if this polish would have a great formula, but the formula isn't the best either. It's a bit watery and I had to use 3 coats to make this polish look even on my nails. The worst is the brush, becase it's a bit chunky and few bristles were jutting out, when I opened the bottle. It's one of those brushes, that make application a bit harder. I can not say anything about lasting power, because I haven't wore it as a full manicure.

I don't find this polish anymore on MUA site. They have new polishes, that look like Essie bottles, but I though that those are just new polishes and they're be selling old ones further too, but no, they changed the packaging. I guess, this shade it's not available in new packaging anymore. This polish was 1£ on MUA site and 1,95 € on Lič

I don't recommend you to get this shade (if it's still available somewhere), but I personally would like to try another shade or 2, specially those in new bottles, because they said, they changed the brush. I'm curious about it.

Have you try any MUA polish? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

*I got this product for a review to share my honest opinion about it.