Monthly Favourites - May 2013

Hi, girls! This month I'm pretty fast with my favourites, I'm publishing them on the first day of a new month and not almost in the middle of the month as usual.

Ombia Cosmetics Eye Make Up Remover is my all time favourite remover and I'm using it for years now. Before I was using Balea's 2 phase remover, but I discovered, that this one works better for me. It's available in Hofer for a bit less than 3 € and it lasts quite some time (it contains 200 ml). I love it, because it removers my eye make up perfectly, no mather, how much make up do I use, and it also removes  waterproof make up very good. It doesn't irritate my eyes, which is a big plus. 

Since I got Lady Lya Bionature 3in1 polish, I use it as a base coat with almost every manicure. I do like it, because it drys fast, a polish is very easy to apply over it and it works good with all brands of NP. I reviewed it here

I think Misslyn Royal Blue has become my all time favourite polish. I love the finish, application, color, everything. I also love, that this one lasts a bit longer on my nails than usually other polishes do. It's a pure perfection. You can see swatches here.

I know, Maybelline Faint For Fuchsia was in my favourites last month, but I wore it a lot this month too. You can see swatches and a full review here.

Other lip product, that I wore a lot this month, is Essence Guerilla Gardening Mission Flower lip cream. Athough it's not as good as those from regular assortment, I love the color, so I reach for it a lot. You can see swatches and read a review here.

Next product, I'm loving for months now, is Avon Advance Techniques Maroccan Argain Oil treatment. I've heard a lot of girls talking about it, so I decided to try it. My first impression wasn't that good, but after some time I totally felt in love. I use it, when my hair is still wet and I use 2 pumps only on my ends, not over a whole hair. It makes my hair soft and silky. This treatment contains 30 ml and it lasts few months. I don't know the exact price of this product, because Avon often has a sales and sometimes in costs less, sometimes more (but I think the full price is around 4 €). 

The last product, I have to mention, are Essence Pure Skin purifying nose strips. This was a love at first usage. They really do, what they promise, they clean pores perfectly. I was very surprised, how smooth my skin on the nose was after first usage, I've never had so smooth skin before. Now I use them once a week. In one packaging you get 3 stripes and the price is around 1,80 €. 

So, these are my favourites of last month. Did you try any of these products? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!