Giveaway Winners

Hi, everyone! My international giveaway ended few days ago and today I'm announcing the winners, because I'm sure, you're all very curious, who they are. The winners are:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tina will get prize 2, Irina prize 4, Ashley prize 1 and Dimana prize 3. They have 48 hours to answer my email, or I'll choose another winner.


I also have a surprise for you. I decided to do a "Secret Birthday Giveaway" in May and award those, who always take their time and leave comments under my posts. That way I wanted to thank them for all of their support. The giveaway was happening during all May (although you didn't know that) and every comment you left that month, was one entry. If you left more comments, you had more entries and that way more chances to win the prize. I wish I could give a small prize to all my loyal readers, but that's unfortunately impossible. But 3 of my dearest commentators will get a secret prize as a expression of my gratitude. What the prize will be, will they know, when they'll receive it. :) And you, if they're going to show them on their blogs. :) If you want to know, who the winners are, watch the video. :)

EDIT: So, Pandora decided not to take over the prize, she won, because she doesn't want to share her personal informations on internet (and I totally understand her), I had to choose another winner and I draw from the bag Wild Child. Congrats, girl!

Congratulation to all winners. Don't worry, if you didn't win any prize, you can still enter my Birthday giveaway, that is open for all countries of Europe. Thank you for reading!