Ebelin Makeup and Concealer Brush Review

Hi, girls! I know, I promised you a review of this Ebelin brush some time ago, but lately I wasn't really inspired to write longer reviews, but I hope I'll get more inspiration now and I'll show you swatches and write reviews of many more beauty products, not only nail polish. Gosh, I have so many ideas for blog, I just need a bit inspiration for writing too.

This Ebelin brush is called Make Up and Concealer brush. It's designed to apply foundation and concealer with it. First let me tell you, that this is my first brush with flat top, so my review will be based on experience with it and I can't compare it with any other similar brush from other brands.

The size of this brush is a size of a coin for 50 cents. The bristles are 100% synthetic. At the beginning they were very hard and they felt a bit strange on my face, specially under my eyes, but now after I washed the brush few times, I think they got a bit softer (but they're still not soft enough). I have to say, I'm quite satisfied with this brush. Of course it's not amazing, but for its price it's good. I really like to apply foundation with it, because it blends it very nicely and it gaves my skin a natural look. I also love to use it with Catrice camouflage cream. First I apply CCC under my eyes with my fingers and then I blend it with Ebelin flat top brush. It does quite a good job, CCC looks much better, if I blend it with brush than before when I blended it with my fingers.

This brush is not very easy to clean. Because the bristles are very dense and close together, it takes some time, before it's completely clean. I kinda have a feeling, that this brush absorbs a lot of products and that also makes a cleaning harder. While washing it doesn't loose any bristles. It also takes some time, before the brush is completely dry. Once I washed it around 8 p. m. and the next day around 10 a. m., when I wanted to use it, it still wasn't completely dry.

Here's an example, how does a Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation looks on me, when I apply it with Ebelin brush. I think the brush does a pretty good job.

 I also made a short video review in Slovene.

This brush is available in DM for price 3,95 €. I do like it, although it's not a perfect brush and I'll use it further too, but now it's on you to decide, if you need this brush or not. If you have some similar brush, then you probably don't need it, but for this money I think it's not a totally miss buy.

Have you try this Ebelin brush? What about any other brush, what do you think about this brand? Thank you for reading!