Catrice Rockby

Hi, girls! I'm finally writing a new post. My plans for this week's blogging went totally in a different way than I planned. I wanted to continue with 31 day challenge, because I finally finished all manicures and I wanted to review some other beauty products, but then at the beginning of the week I didn't have time for blogging, because I was busy working for our community newspaper and when I finally finished with work, I remain without internet connection. Now it's finally everything ok and I hope, you won't mind, if I'm going to publish 2 post a day in next few days.

Now let's go to the polish, I have for you today. This is a shade from Catrice's new limited edition collection Matchpoint. I wasn't planning to get anything from this collection, but then my darling said, that he really like this color and I should try it, so I bought it. Sometimes you really have to listen to boys. :P The polish is called Rockby and it's a berry red creme shade. I really like its formula, it's much better than formula of polishes from their regular assortiment, it's not too thick and it makes an application easy. But the brush is still bad, some bristles are longer than others, so I hope Catrice will change that. I needed 2 coats to make this polish opaque. 

I really like this color. It's not a summery shade, but it'll be great for colder days. I hope, you'll forgive me, that you can see a reflect of my camera on my nails, but the next day, when I wanted to photograph it again, I broke a nail on my swatch hand and now they're real nubbins and my nubbins don't look good on photography. 

Did you get anyhing from Catrice Matchpoint collection? What do you think about this polish? Thank you for reading!

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