Catrice Glamazona I'm A Survivor Blush Review

Hi, girls! Today I have for you a review of a blush, that stole my heart at the moment I first tried it. I'm talking about blush from Catrice Glamazona LE collection, called I'm a Survivor. The packaging is simple, but so cute. On the lid it has a leopart print and the blush itself has a zebra print and you all know, that I'm a huge fan of animal print.

I'm a Survivor is a bright matt red blush. I felt in love with color immediatelly amd I got it, because I didn't have similar shade of blush yet. Till now I had only 2 red blushes, but both are darker than this one. The apllication of this one is so easy, the blush goes on cheaks smoothly and it doesn't dust. It's also very easy to blend and I love, how long it last. I think this is the blush, that last the longest time on me. When I wore it for the first time, I did my makeup at around 11 a.m. and when I came home at around 8 p.m., it was still there. It faded, of course, but it was still there. I didn't experience that with any other blush before, they all were gone after few hours. It also has a good pigmentation, you can easly apply it too much, as I did the first time I used it (thank god for good makeup tricks, that can fix that). I was actually suprised, because when I swatched it with fingers, it didn't seemed so pigmented as when I applied it with blush. 

I made a swatch of it on my bare hand, I didn't use any base under. You get 8 g of product, which will last you for a long time and the price is only 4,19 €. This blush really made an impression on me.

I'm showing you this photo, that I showed you in last Random Sunday, again. Here I'm wearing this blush and you can see, how it looks on me.

Now I'm thinking about getting the second shade too, but I'm afraid, that's already sold out. But that would probably be the best for my wallet, lol. Anway, I'm very satisfied with this blush and I have a feeling, that I'll wear only this blush in the future. I just love, how it looks on me and how long it lasts.

Did you get anything from Catrice Glamazona collection? How do you like it? What do you think about this blush? Thank you for reading!