31 Day Challenge - Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

Hi, girls! Happy Sunday. Later today I'll publish Random Sunday post, but before that I wanted to share with you next manicure in 31 day challenge. I wanted to post it yesterday, but I wasn't at home all day and when I came home, I had a headache and was tired, so I went to bed.

Day 26 is inspired by a pattern and for this task I decided to do a manicure, inspired by my favourite cup. It's very colorful cup, it has colors like orange, yellow, white, pink, lilac, mint. Because I don't own any bright pink shade, I used only lilac and mauve shades. I combined colors together, as they are on the cup.

Polishes, I used for this manicure, are: She 115, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, CH nail lacquer 15, Barry M Greenberry, Lady Lya Bio Nature 954 and Essence Bloom-a-Loom. Although I did like, how it turned out, this isn't really a design, I would wear as a whole manicure, I did it just for the challenge.

What do you think about my manicure, inspired by a desing on a cup? Thank you for reading!