31 Day Challenge - Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

Hi, girls! I'm at 25th day of 31 day challenge and this time the theme is "inspired by fashion". I found a photo of this blue dress with cloud design on Slovenian site Fashion.si and I had to use it as my inspiration, because I love it. I probably wouldn't wear the exact dress, that's on the photo, but I would totally rock a skirt with the same design.

Source: fashion.si.

As a base I used Flormar N002, a light neon blue shade, and then I sponged white She 115 randomly over it. For the end I decided to add a belt too. First I was thinking to add it only on accent nails (ring finger, thumb), but in the end I decided to do it on all nails and I have to say, that was a good decision, because it looks great (at least to me). For belt I also used white She 115 and golden shimmery shade Essence BBC Golden Sands. I was really satisfied with final result and I think, this will be one of my favourites manicures, I did for this challenge. 

What do you think! Would you wear this dress? What about my manicure, do you like it? Thank you for reading!