31 Day Challenge - Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Hi, girls! The third day in a row I'm showing you a new manicure in 31 day challenge. Day 22 is inspired by a song. For this tasks I knew, I'm going to do a manicure, inspired by Serbian group Moje 3, that was appearing this year on Eurovision. I like their song, but what really inspired me to do a manicure, were their clothes, that they wore on stage. They were all bright and summery, they looked like cupcakes to me, lol. I also added a photo to this post, so you can see, what they were wearing, because I bet, you all didn't watch Eurovision. :P

Source: rtvslo.si.
Colors of their clothes were bright - green, yellow, pink, white, blue and the print were dots, stripes and white flowers (I think). For my pinkie I took as an inspiration a bright green dress with a white flower print, that a girl on right is wearing. The girl in the middle was an inspiration for 3 desings - on my ring finger (pants with yellow and white stripes, that she's wearing), on my middle finger and on my thumb (the heart, she has on a dress. I don't have any light pink polish, so I used white). The dress, that the girl on left is wearing, was an inspiration for the design on my index finger.
I didn't do exactly the same desings, as they are wearing (for example pink color with white flowers over blue color with white dots), because I thought, that in the end that would look too messy.

Polishes, I used for this manicure, are Essence Sunshine 4ever, Bourjois Amande Defile, Flormar 423, Barry M Blood Orange, Essence Bloom-a-Loom, She 115, Joy 113 and Bourjois Figue Chic.

For the end here's their song:

What do you think about my manicure?  Thank you for reading!