31 Day Challenge - Day 19: Galaxy Nails

Hi, girls! For today I decided to publish a nail art manicure, because you haven't saw a nail art on my blog for some time now. I decided to continue with 31 day challenge, because my nails finally grow back and I hope, they won't brake anymore. Day 19 in 31 day challenge are galaxy nails. I did this manicure some time ago, but then I just never edited and published those photos, because there was always something else to post. But I think it's time, that I finish with 31 day challenge, so I can start with some new challenges on my blog.

This is my second try of a galaxy nails. My first one was a practise, because I thought they'll be very hard to do, but they actually aren't. Galaxy nails do take some time, but they're not the hardest nail art and the final result can look amazing. I also did step by step tutorial, how I did my galaxy manicure.

First I started with 2 coats of Catrice It Blue My Mind. Omg, this is one amazing polish. The brush is their old one, a narrow flat one, whick makes an application so easy. The formula is amazing, not too thick and very pigmented, this polish is opaque already after one coat. I really really miss these old Catrice polishes. Here I used 2 coats of this gorgeous dark blue shimmery shade.

Then I applied one coat of She 455. This is a polish with clear base and multicolored glitter. I wanted to add a touch of starts with it.

Then I used white She 155 and sponged it randomly on nails.

After that I used bright blue Catrice It's All I Can Blue and sponged it over the white, but so, that the white was still visible.

After that I used yellow shade Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy and sponged it randomly on nails, so I didn't cover up the white and bright blue color.

The last color I sponged was lilac shade Catrice Lucky in Lilac.

After that I used Joy 189, a dark blue creme shade, and sponged it on the edges of other colors, so I softened them a bit.

In the end I used She 455 again to add a bit more glitter and then She 155 to add dots for stars.

In the end I used top coat and that was it.

 9 steps in my "galaxy nails" tutorial:

I do like, how these came out. I'm definitely doing some more galaxy nails in the future. Have you already tried galaxy nails? What do you think about them? Thank you for rading!