Random Sunday #34

Hi, girls! It's time for another Random Sunday post.

My blog has more than 600 followers on Facebook, so I prepared a little giveaway. You can check it and enter on my Facebook page, if you haven't yet. ;)  Read more about giveaway here.

I wore a giraffe manicure few days ago. My nails were nubbins and now they're even shorter, because nail on my middle finger broke. :(

I bought an organizer in Kik for 4 € to store my makeup. In this one I store blushes, pigments, gel liners, mono eyeshadows and mascaras. I'm thinking about getting another one. Ok, the quality is not the best, but it's practical.

And this is part of my makeup collection. Brushes, lipglosses and lipsticks are stored one drawer above this one.


2 new Essence TE collections Tribal Summer and Me&My Ice Cream are already available in Müller.

My catch from Essence Tribal Summer collection. Post about these products will be up in few days.

And for the end, my blog passed 500 000 views today, so a big THANK YOU to all for reading it!

How was your week? I wish you happy next week and thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

Hi, girls! Happy Sunday. Later today I'll publish Random Sunday post, but before that I wanted to share with you next manicure in 31 day challenge. I wanted to post it yesterday, but I wasn't at home all day and when I came home, I had a headache and was tired, so I went to bed.

Day 26 is inspired by a pattern and for this task I decided to do a manicure, inspired by my favourite cup. It's very colorful cup, it has colors like orange, yellow, white, pink, lilac, mint. Because I don't own any bright pink shade, I used only lilac and mauve shades. I combined colors together, as they are on the cup.

Polishes, I used for this manicure, are: She 115, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, CH nail lacquer 15, Barry M Greenberry, Lady Lya Bio Nature 954 and Essence Bloom-a-Loom. Although I did like, how it turned out, this isn't really a design, I would wear as a whole manicure, I did it just for the challenge.

What do you think about my manicure, inspired by a desing on a cup? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

Hi, girls! I'm at 25th day of 31 day challenge and this time the theme is "inspired by fashion". I found a photo of this blue dress with cloud design on Slovenian site Fashion.si and I had to use it as my inspiration, because I love it. I probably wouldn't wear the exact dress, that's on the photo, but I would totally rock a skirt with the same design.

Source: fashion.si.

As a base I used Flormar N002, a light neon blue shade, and then I sponged white She 115 randomly over it. For the end I decided to add a belt too. First I was thinking to add it only on accent nails (ring finger, thumb), but in the end I decided to do it on all nails and I have to say, that was a good decision, because it looks great (at least to me). For belt I also used white She 115 and golden shimmery shade Essence BBC Golden Sands. I was really satisfied with final result and I think, this will be one of my favourites manicures, I did for this challenge. 

What do you think! Would you wear this dress? What about my manicure, do you like it? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 24: Inspired by a Book

Hi, girls! Today I have for you next manicure in 31 day challenge and this one was inspired by a book. I decided to do a Harry Potter inspired manicure, because I really liked HP books (and also movies).

You probably already guessed (if you're a HP fan), what represents each nail - pinkie a lightning, that HP has on his forehead, middle finger Deathly Hallows, index finger first letters of his name and ring and thumb nails a Gryffindor home, in which Harry was living. Polishes, I used for this manicure, are Maybelline 23, Essence BBC Golden Sands, Essence Sunshine 4ever and Catrice Bloody Mary to Go. 

 Are you also a HP fan? What do you think about my manicure? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

Hi, girls! Before I'll show you a new manicure for 31 day challenge, I still have to announce a winner of my Birthday Giveaway. The winner is Szappanbubi  from Hungary. Congratulations!

Now to the challenge. The theme of day 23 is "inspired by a movie". I've choosen one of my favourites movies - The Avengers. I watched this movie few times already and I never get bored of it.

5 of 6 heroes in this movie were my inspiration for this nail art - Thor for my thumb design, Hulk for my index finger (I tried to make his angry face, but it looks kinda funny on my nail, lol), Captain America for my middle finger, Iron Man for my ring finger and Black Widow for my pinkie (the design is her belt).

Here's a list of polishes I used for a certain hero.
- Thor: Essence You're a Heartbreaker, China Glaze Mahagony Magic and a random black polish.
- Hulk China Glaze Gaga for Green, She 115, Flormar 423 and a random black polish.
- Captain America: Essence The Boy Next Door, Catrice Caught on the Red Carpet, silver metallic Depend shade and She 115.
- Iron Man: Essence BBC Golden Sands, Catrice Bloody Mary To Go, Flormar 423 and a random black polish.
- Black Widow: Essence You're a Heartbreaker, Catrice Caught on the Red Carpet and a random black polish.

Do you like a movie The Avengers? What do you think about my manicure? Thank you for reading!

Random Sunday #33

Hi, girls! I know, I already published one post today, but Sunday is usually time for Random Sunday post and I really don't want to skip it today, because I do have few random photos for you.

My NOTD from last week, that I forgot to show in last Random Sunday, so I'm publishing it today. I got the idea for this nail art on Pinterest and because I didn't know, what to wear on my nails, I recreated it. I really like it. I used Misslyn Royal Blue, OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons, Essie Avenue Maintain and Bourjois In the Navy and Turquoise Block.

This week I was writing an article about wattling baskets. This is an old tradition here and only few people are keeping it. One of these people is my neighbour. All these baskets on photo are made free-hand by him.

I was comparing Essence My Treasure Island with some of the similar shades, I have. As you see, no dupes in my stash.

Upper row, from L-R: Look by Bipa Bonbon, Essence Mission Flower, Essence My Treasure Island, MUA 3, Essence Smoothy Berry. Lower row: Essence Cute Pink, Maybelline Fain For Fuchsia, Maybelline Vivid Rose, Essence Berry Me Home. 



My new notebook with cute penguins

That's it, I'm not very long and talkative in today's Random Sunday. I hope you'll have an amazing week. I will definitely have a good week, because it won't be so hot anymore, I don't stand heat very well. That also means, that I can finally put some makeup on without melting everything down from my face. Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Hi, girls! The third day in a row I'm showing you a new manicure in 31 day challenge. Day 22 is inspired by a song. For this tasks I knew, I'm going to do a manicure, inspired by Serbian group Moje 3, that was appearing this year on Eurovision. I like their song, but what really inspired me to do a manicure, were their clothes, that they wore on stage. They were all bright and summery, they looked like cupcakes to me, lol. I also added a photo to this post, so you can see, what they were wearing, because I bet, you all didn't watch Eurovision. :P

Source: rtvslo.si.
Colors of their clothes were bright - green, yellow, pink, white, blue and the print were dots, stripes and white flowers (I think). For my pinkie I took as an inspiration a bright green dress with a white flower print, that a girl on right is wearing. The girl in the middle was an inspiration for 3 desings - on my ring finger (pants with yellow and white stripes, that she's wearing), on my middle finger and on my thumb (the heart, she has on a dress. I don't have any light pink polish, so I used white). The dress, that the girl on left is wearing, was an inspiration for the design on my index finger.
I didn't do exactly the same desings, as they are wearing (for example pink color with white flowers over blue color with white dots), because I thought, that in the end that would look too messy.

Polishes, I used for this manicure, are Essence Sunshine 4ever, Bourjois Amande Defile, Flormar 423, Barry M Blood Orange, Essence Bloom-a-Loom, She 115, Joy 113 and Bourjois Figue Chic.

For the end here's their song:

What do you think about my manicure?  Thank you for reading!

Review and Swatches: Essence Ticket to Paradise Glossy Lipliners

Hi, girls! Today I have for you another post and this time is a review. Last week I bought 2 lipliners from Essence Ticket to Paradise collection and I have to share my thoughts with you, while this TE is still available.

My Treasure Island is a dark fuchsia shade and Sun Said Red is a burned orange shade. These lipliners are pretty sheer. When I first swatched them on my hand, I was like, they're not giving any color. But that was just a first layer, after that they give a bit more color. They have a creamy formula and are glossy, when they dry. When I have them on my lips, they gave me a bit drying feeling, so I use lip balm underneath. My Treasure Island is very easy to apply, but Sun Said Red doesn't go evenly on lips. I have to use few coats, that it looks nice. They waste very fast. For one wear I used a whole point and then I had to sharp them again. I didn't really test during the day, how long they last, becase they don't survive eating and drinking (not completely, in inner part of my lips they dissapear) and now, when it's hot, I drink like every 10 minutes. They transport on glass while drinking. But I did test My Treasure Island in the evening, before going to bed and it still looked nice after 2 hours. When I went to bed, I forgot to take it down and when I woke up in the morning, it was still there. It left a stain on my lips, that looked "like my lips just better". That stain didn't transport on glass and the thing, that surprised me, was, that it looked evenly on my lips, it didn't just stay around my lips. The stain was matt, not glossy anymore.

On these swatches on my hands I used 3 coats. Also for swatches on my lips I went more than once over my lips.

Essence Ticket to Pradise My Treasure Island

Essence Ticket to Paradise Sun Said Red

One pencil has 1,4 g of product and it costs 1,39 €. I do like My Treasure Island, it's a very nice color. But for orange one I'm still not sure, if I like it on me or not. Maybe I'll do a FOTD with it next week and then you can tell me, what do you think. I'm probably going to wear them alone, without lipstick or lipgloss over, because they're glossy.

Did you get anything from Essence Ticket to Paradise collection? What do you think about these 2 pencils, have your try them? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 21: Inspired by a Color

Hi, girls! Today I have for you new manicure in 31 day challenge. I'm starting with new topics, called "inspiration". I have to say, that these tasks were pretty challenging, but it was fun to do them. Day 21 is "inspired by a color". Here I did one of the manicures, I wanted to try for a long time - nude nails with neon tips. I saw a photo of that kind of manicure on Pinterest, but I don't remember anymore, whose idea was this original.

As a base I used OPI Don't Pretzel My Buttons and neon polishes are CH nail lacquer 9, China Glaze Sun Worshiper, CH nail lacquer 9, Flormar N015 and GT Cosmetics 2.

I really like, how it looked in the end. Definitely one of interesting ways, how to wear neon polishes in the summer. What do you think about this manicure, would your wear it or not? Thank you for reading!

31 Day Challenge - Day 20: Watermarble

Hi, girls! I'm continuing with 31 day challenge and from today I'll publish a new manicure each day for next 2 weeks (well 11 days to be exact, if we don't count today's post). Day 20 are watermarble nails. Let me tell you, that I don't like this tehnique. Yes, the final effect is amazing and nails look nice, but there can go so many things wrong with this tehnique. One polish spreads nicely, the second doesn't (although is new), there's a lot cleaning to do, although you use tape around your fingers ... Because of that I decided to do only 2 fingers, so I would have less cleaning to do and I would finish this manicure faster. On other nails I did a polka dot manicure with the same polishes, I used for watermarble - She 115 and Essence Electric Blue. I have to say, I love this color combo, white and electric blue go perfectly together. But I'm not doing watermarble again, except if I'm going to do another challenge, that will have watermarble as a task (.

What do you think about this manicure? Are you a fan of watermarble tehnique of it's too messy for you? Thank you for reading!

Catrice Rockby

Hi, girls! I'm finally writing a new post. My plans for this week's blogging went totally in a different way than I planned. I wanted to continue with 31 day challenge, because I finally finished all manicures and I wanted to review some other beauty products, but then at the beginning of the week I didn't have time for blogging, because I was busy working for our community newspaper and when I finally finished with work, I remain without internet connection. Now it's finally everything ok and I hope, you won't mind, if I'm going to publish 2 post a day in next few days.

Now let's go to the polish, I have for you today. This is a shade from Catrice's new limited edition collection Matchpoint. I wasn't planning to get anything from this collection, but then my darling said, that he really like this color and I should try it, so I bought it. Sometimes you really have to listen to boys. :P The polish is called Rockby and it's a berry red creme shade. I really like its formula, it's much better than formula of polishes from their regular assortiment, it's not too thick and it makes an application easy. But the brush is still bad, some bristles are longer than others, so I hope Catrice will change that. I needed 2 coats to make this polish opaque. 

I really like this color. It's not a summery shade, but it'll be great for colder days. I hope, you'll forgive me, that you can see a reflect of my camera on my nails, but the next day, when I wanted to photograph it again, I broke a nail on my swatch hand and now they're real nubbins and my nubbins don't look good on photography. 

Did you get anyhing from Catrice Matchpoint collection? What do you think about this polish? Thank you for reading!