Review and Swatches: Maybelline Whisper Lipsticks in Faint For Fuchsia and Coral Ambition

Hi, girls! Today I have for you a review of 2 new lipsticks, I bought last week - Maybelline's Whisper lipsticks in 430 Coral Ambition and 150 Faint For Fuchsia. These lipsticks are similar to Revlon's Lip Butters (so I've heard, I don't own any Lip Butter yet).

I think the packaging is very cute. They have plastic transparent lid, which is in the same color as lipsticks. When you open it, you see, that the lipsticks are in metal looking packaging. On the bottom they have written their name and number. On side they have label (which I didn't photograph) with written ingredients.The packaging for our market doesn't have a wittern Whisper on it as the one for American market has. Too bad, it would be even prettier then.

I tried testers in drugstore and for the beginning I bought 2 colors, that looked the most interesting to me. Coral Ambition is not a coral color, but it's nice peachy one. Faint For Fuchsia is a vivid fuchsia color. But on my lips the story is totally different. Coral Ambition looks nude on my lips anf Faint For Fuchsia pink. Although they're pretty pigmented and opaque, the color isn't the same on lips than it is in the packaging. But I adore both shades, Coral Ambition is one of the rare nudes, that matches my skin tone perfectly. 

Faint For Fuchsia is my new favourite lip color, I wore it every day since I got it. I actually haven't wore Coral Ambition because of that yet. FFF is just perfect for me. It last about 2 hours on lips and than it starts fading, but it doesn't dissapear completely from my lips. It leaves stain, which looks "like my lips, just better". It doesn't leave horrible stain like Essence gel tint does, but nicer. From far it looks like you still have lipstick on, but from close no one can tell, you're wearing something. After application they're very shiny and they mousturize lips. You don't need to apply a lip balm before. They apply nicely and are buildable, so you can make them more intensive, if you want.

And this is how they both look on me. Faint For Fuchsia is more intense in person (P. S. Please, ignore my strange makeup here). 

Since I tried these 2, I want them more. They're amazing. They have indigredient list on packaging, but I didn't found, how much grams one lipstick has. I bought mine in DM drugstore and I payed for one 7,95 €.

Did you get any Maybelline Whisper lipstick or are you planning to buy any? What do you think about these two? Thank you for reading!