Review and Swaches: Essence Guerilla Gardening TE Mission Flower Blush and Lip Cream

Hi, girls! Today I have for you swatches of a blush and a lip cream from Essence Guerilla Gardening TE. The blush was on my WL since I saw promo photos and then I found collection in Müller, but in all pink blushed  were fingers from stupid girls, who don't understand, that these products aren't testers and if they put their fingers in them, no can buy them. Gosh, I hate those stupid girls. If you want the product, buy it, if not, don't put your fingers in it, if it doesn't say tester on it, because someone else wants to buy it and beacuse of you it can't. I was so angry because of that, that I just went away and didn't look at this collection anymore. Then I found it again in DM a week ago. Luckily everything was ok there and I bought a blush and a lip cream.

Mission Flowers blush is very interesting. It's a hot pink shade, which looks pretty natural on cheaks. In packaging is a cream blush, but when you're applying it, it becomes powdery. When I applied it with my fingers, I could feel, how the texture is changing. Interesting. But because of that I found it better to apply it with brush than with fingers, because it's easier to blend that way. There's 2,5 g of product and it costs 2,19 €, which is pretty cheap, specially for a good pigmented blush. 

I took lip cream Mission Flower, because I really like Essence lip creams from regular assortment and pink lips are my favourites lately. I have to say, I'm a bit dissapointed with this product, because it's not as good as their regular lip creams - it's less pigmented, I needed 2 coats to make it opaque on my lips, and it lasts less time on lips. Without eating and drinking it lasted me about 2 hours. Otherwise it has the same properties as Stay Matt lip creams. But I like the color, so I don't regret buying it. 

And the swatches on my hand, I made them without any base underneath. The blush is good pigmented,a s you can see, even when it's blended. Lip cream is applied in 2 coats, but the color is very nice.

And this is how Mission Flower lip cream looks on me. I think this will be my go to color in Summer and I'll wear it a lot. 

Did you get anthing from Essence Guerilla Gardening collection? What do you think about these 2 products? Thank you for reading!