Random Sunday #30

Hi, girls! It's Sunday and for my blog this means Random Sunday post. I have to admit, I wasn't planning to write it today, because I though I don't have enough photos and I wanted post this week's photos next Sunday, but when I went through them, I saw, that there is enough photos for one post, so here it is. Some nails, some food and some hauls.

I wore Essie Avenue Maintain at the beginning of this week (after I removed Misslyn Royal Blue).

I decided to spice up a bit my manicure, so I added some pastel dots and matte top coat. I really like, how it looked in the end. 

Doughnuts from Trojane.

A chocolate doughnut from Trojane. It's not that bad, but those with jam are much better.

 The best sandwich to eat, when you're on the road and you're hungry.

New Ebelin brushes finally came in Slovenia. For the beginning I bought brush for make up and concealer and a sponge for washing and pilling face. I also want to get a stippling brush and a beauty blender, although I haven't saw the second one in our DM.

Bourjois polishes are 25 % off in DM, so I took my chance and bought 2 polishes from my WL, Turquoise Block and In the Navy.

Wearing Misslyn Royal Blue again. Now I'm wearing it for the third day, it's second day with top coat (first day I wore it alone) and it still didn't chip. Ah, pure love.

I hope, you'll have fantastic week. Thank you for reading!