Random Sunday #28

Hi, girls! How are you? It's Sunday and Sunday means randomness on my blog. 

I really like Beauty World drugstore. They have Essence and Catrice stand and usually you can find untouched limited editions there, because not a lot of people are buying there. They still have Catrice Big City Life collection. They also have Kinetics polishes, which are good quality.

Enjoying alone in a coffeehouse, while waiting for an important meeting. 

The package is waiting for me on the post. Although I was at home, when postman came, he didn't call me. That never happened to me before. What was in the package, I'll let you know soon. :)

My new owl necklace. I love it.

I love neon nails lately. This manicure was inspired by MissJenFabulous. Mine isn't as perfect as hers, but people commented, that they like it and I liked it too. I used Ruby Kisses Tropical Green, CH Nail Lacquer 15 and a random black polish.

Coffee to go. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but in this post I already showed you 2 photos with coffee (shame on me:P). I don't know, why, but I like coffee with milk on Petrol very much.

Slovenian group Modrijani. Ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, ti, ti moja rožica ...

My current manicure. I told you, I'm into neon nail polishes lately. :P More about it tomorrow in separated post.


"I don't want to go further for a walk. Let's play."

The last thing I wanted to say, is THANK YOU! There are more than 1000 of you, following my blog via GFC, and more than 500 of you, liking my Facebook page. You're the best. :)

That's it for this week. Next Sunday will be pretty special. Why? Because I have a Birthday! I think I'll have some interesting photos next Sunday too. Have a gorgeous week. Thank you for reading!