Random Sunday #27

Hi, girls! How are you? I hope you spend amazing holidays and you took a good rest before going back to faculty/school or working tomorrow. I didn't go anywhere on holidays, but I had pretty busy and interesting week. Although I was wearing my camera all the time with me, I made so little photos. I realized that today, when I was picking photos for today's Random Sunday post. I only have few boring photos for you. This week my darling had his 25th birthday and we were celebrating and everything. It was fun. :)

At the beginning of the week I was in Austria in Bad Radkerburd and I visited Bipa. Although there are many interesting brands, I didn't get anything for me, I just bought few things for giveaway.

Slovenian DM's got Essie stand. The blue polish on the top of the photo is screaming my name, but I haven't bought anything yet, because one polish, that I have from Essie, dissapointed me and I'm not so easy giving away those 10 € because of that.

May the Force be with you. Buying Kinder Surprise was always fun to me because of toys, not chocolate. At the moment there are eggs with toys from Star Wars. Getting 2 Obi Wan Kenobi's was kinda dissapointing ... I mean, Darth Vader, where are you hiding? :P

Šmarnice or Lily of the Valley. They smell amazing.

Last week I was participating in Isadora's #wonderfulwednesday and this week I got my prize - a lipstick, lipgloss and a sample of foundation (which will probably be too dark again). 

This week I also started with my first giveaway in May. Don't forget to check it. Have a nice week! Thank you for reading!