Products, That Disappointed Me

Hi, girls! Today I want to share with you a post with products, that I didn't like, when I tried them. I think I'll continue with this kind of posts in future too. 

I'm a huge fan of Balea and I love their products, but that doesn't mean, all products are good to me. Balea Trocken Shampoo in blue packaging totally disappointed me. It didn't help at all to my greasy hair, they didn't become more fresh or anything. It didn't had any effect on them. I think I'll finish it, because it's still pretty full, but I'll never buy it again. The other Balea product, that disappointed me, is Forming Water Volumen & Halt. It should give your hair more volume and it should help you to make different hair styles. The only thing, it did to me, is to make my hair more greasy, so I'm throwing it into a trash. The last Balea product is Young Soft&Care 2in1 Intensive pflege&maske fur normale haut. When I was using this, I didn't notice, that it would do something for my skin. Ok, my skin is not very young anymore, but I guess, I would feel its effect anyway. It didn't moisturize my skin and on more sensitive parts it irritated it. The only positive thing by this product it's the smell - it's nice fruity smell, which I like. Dove Silky Dry Deo-Spray is the worse deodorant, I've tried. I don't know, what it did to my skin, but when I was wearing it, my armpit started stinking like hell, although I wasn't sweating. This is definitely going into a trash.

Let's go to some eyeshadow palettes. Revlon ColorStay Azure Mist and Vollare Cosmetics Quatro 29 palettes I used only once, because eyeshadows are so bad pigmented, that when I blended them, they almost disappear or my makeup looked, like I used only one eyeshadow. Essence Cherry Blossom Girl It's Peach Not Cherry lipstick pencil was also disappointment. The color is so nice, but pencil looks horrible on lips, it emphasize mistakes and dry parts, so I don't like wearing it on it's own. With lipgloss it looks a bit better. Missy Sporty XX Volume Miss Purple lipgloss I never liked. It's one of those lipglosses, that should make your lips bigger, so it gave you a "burning" feeling on your lips, which was very intensive and I didn't like that, plus lipgloss doesn't last long on lips. Next is Essence blush brush. I really like few of their brushes, like smoky and eyeliner brush, but this one is just bad. It didn't blend blush nicely and after few washes bristles became strange, separated, not in a nice form, as they were at the beginning.

The last product, I want to talk about, is Essie polish in Action. It was part of their limited edition collection last year. Look, what happen to it. I did shake it, but both parts just don't want to mix again. I have many polishes and that never happen before to any of them, so this is a big disappointment. And it costed 10 €. I guess, I threw this money out of a window.

Did you try any of mentioned products? Which products disappointed you? Thank you for reading!