NOTD: Misslyn Royal Blue

Hi, girls! In this post I'm showing you swatches of Misslyn Royal Blue polish. Before I continue - you NEED it in your life. :) This polish was a birthday present from my darling and I promised him, I'll wore one of the polishes, he got me, on my birthday day, so I decided for this one. I'm in love (with both of course, my boyfriend and this nail polish :P).

Royal Blue was part of Velvet Diamond collection (I'm not sure, if this one was LE or it will be part of permanent line). I showed you swatches of other 3 polishes from this collection here. I have no idea, why I haven't bought this one at the beginning, because it's the prettiest shade in this collection. It's a royal blue shade with bright blue and violet shimmer. It's a bit darker in person, I don't know, why my camera made it brighter. I wore it without top coat, the rough finish doesn't bother me at all. I used 2 coats, they were enough for full opacity. I love these polishes, I have a feeling, that they last longer on me. I washed dishes wearing this one and it didn't chip at all. Other polishes chip immediatelly, if I'm washing dishes or cleaning. I'm still wearing it and I already see, the removal will be PITA, but it doesn't matter. I'll wore it again soon (after I try my other new goodies).

If you want to see, how it looks with top coat, check Katja's swatches here. Her swatches were the reason, I felt in love with this polish and I wanted to have it. 

What do you think about this shade, do you like it? Thank you for reading!