Monthly Favourites (March, April)

Hi, girls! It's that time in month again, when I want to share with you my monthly favourites. Last month I haven't published this kind of post, so I decided to unite favourites of both months, specially because most of the products I was using in March, I was also using in April. 

* Balea shower gel Brazil Mango and Feigen- und Schokoladenduft are 2 of my favourite shower gels. They both smells amazing and they don't dry my skin, which I love. Unfortunatelly they're both limited edition gels, but I already have some backups. The price is also great, they costs only 0,85 €.

* Next thing I really love, is Balea Lemon Bodybutter. I use it after I take shower. It's a bit thicker, so it takes longer to spread it all over the skin, but it moustirizes it great and my skin feels great also the next day. It smells like lemons and it has very fresh smell, which I really love. 

* For the last 2 months I was mostly using creamy blushes and my most worn blushes were Essence Peach Punk, a peachy shade, and Essence Flowerkisses, a rosy pink shade. They were both part of limited edition collection, so they're not available anymore.

* Essence All About Matt! fixing compact powder is a great product, which does its job perfectly. It makes my skin looking matt and not shiny and it also lasts pretty long on my normal skin. It's also very easy to use, because it's not powdery. It's part of their permanent assortment, so you still can get it.

* My favourite lip combination of last 2 months was Look by Bipa Bonbon lip liner and Essence Sugar Baby Love lip tint. They together make perfect longlasting pink combination, which goes together with many looks. I'll definitely wore it a whole Summer long. 

* Last week in April I bought Maybelline Whisper lipstick in Faint For Fuchsia and I wore it every day since then, so I had to include in this Monthly Favourites post, but it will probably also be in my favourites next month. You can read a whole review here.

* Lately I wasn't really wearing a lot of make up on my eyes. Most of the time my go to eyeshadow was Essence Raise The Curtain For ... from old Circus Circus limited edition collection. It's a brown creamy shade, which lasts on my lids a whole day and that's why a love it. But it's getting pretty dry, so I think I'll have to throw it away soon.

* Next product is Catrice longlasting eye pencil  in New Kids On The Black. I was wearing it mostly on my waterline, when I wore more on my eyes than only Essence eyeshadow, and I like it. It lasts on my waterline longer than many other pencils, I've try, it's easy to apply and it's a true black, not grey black as many other pencils are. Soon I'll write a whole review.

* The last product is Catrice Camouflage cream in Ivory, which I adore. It's great to cover blemishes on my face and also circles under my eyes. It's a bit lighter than my skin, but after I blend it, it matches my skin perfectly. I usually apply it in thin coats. Soon I'll write a whole review about it. 

I also have some non-beauty favourites - Harry Potter movies and books. First I watched all 8 movies in April and then I started to read the books. I finished reading the last one yesterday. I really liked both, but I liked books better. Now I'm thinking to do Harry Potter nail art/makeup series on my blog, but I shall see, I have many other plans too.

Did you try any of the products I mentioned? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!