Essence That's What I Mint Tape Manicure

Hi, girls! Finally I'm showing you some old swatches from my unpublished folder, which were waiting for their moment for too long. Now, that I'm waiting for my nubbins to grow a bit longer, so I can continue with 31 day challenge, I'll publish few posts with old swatches, otherwise it will take even longer, before I'll show them to you. I decided to start with Essence That's What I Mint, a lovely mint shade. It contains a slight shimmer, which isn't so visible on nails. In my notes I've written, that application was a bit tricky. I don't remember anymore, what was the problem (I wore it few weeks ago). I used 3 coats. I'm preparing a mint comparison for my blog, I promised it some time ago on Twitter. I hope next week we'll have nice weather, because I want to make a video first and then compare them on my nails.

I admire all girls, that make striping tape manicure perfectly. No mather, what I do, mine is never as good as I want it to be. I used Kiko 347, a dark green creme shade, here. I really like this combination, but now you alread know, that I'm a huge fan of green polishes.

Have you try Essence That's What I Mint polish? What do you think about it? Do you like striping tape manicures? Thank you for reading!