Barry M Chameleon Blue

Hi, girls! After I show you Essence color changing polishes, I have one similar polish today for you. It's Barry M Chameleon Blue. It's on the same princip as Essence polishes - when you apply it, it's in certain color and when you use clear polish over it, it changes the color.

Chameleon blue is a greyish blue shade. The polish is very pigmented, it's opaque already after one coat. It drys very fast. I had some problems with application, because it seemed to me, like the polish dried, while I was applying it and I couldn't spread it equaly over a whole nail, I made a tiny bump in the middle of the nail, so I had to fix that with second coat. Gosh, I hope you understand, what I wanted to say here. I used base coat under it, but I read, that these polishes apply better on bare nails. I don't know, I always use base coat, before I apply any polish on my nails (even, when I'm doing swatches!). I had some problems with bubles, but I guess, that's because I used thicker coats.

When you apply clear polish over this shade, it changes into a burgundy shade. I have to admit, I prefer its primary color, so I'll use it without top coat. I'll probably also use it for stamping, because it's so good pigmented.

Barry M Chameleon Colour Changing Nail Effect polishes are available on Lič (Slovenian readers). There are 3 different colors and one polish contains 10 ml of product. 

Have you try Barry M Chameleon polishes or any other colour changing polishes? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

*This product was sent to me for review.