50 Random Facts About Me

Hi, girls! I finally have a 50 Random Facts About Me tag for you. I decided to write this tag, because through it you can know me better and I know, you like random posts. I won't write things like I'm a nail polish addict, I love makeup and nail art, because you already know that. All photos in this post are mine, although they don't have watermark.

* I'm a chocoholic.  

* I'm very stubborn. 

* My favourite season is Spring. I really love, when everything starts to grow and blossom.

* I'm a brunette. I already had black and blond hair, also very dark purpulish-red (on my prom, I don't remember the name of the color anymore), but I think I'll never color my hair back to those colors. Black is too dark for me and blond is just not for me (they were more yellow than blond anyway). Maybe I would have a more lighter brown that I have now, but I like the current color of my hair very much.

* When a was little girl (I was around 7) I had blond tuft of hair. My dad always says, that I had gorgeous hair and that everyone was asking, how that they colored my hair, because I was still a child, but they were natural. 

* When I was still in elementary school, I dreamed that I'll publish a book one day. During summer holidays I wrote a book about 4 girls and their adventures. Next year I wrote another book. I still have both somewhere, but I don't plan to publish them anymore.

* I also wrote a poetry in high school and at the beginning of my study. In high school we had a literary evening, where a read one of my poems. I was really happy because of that back then. 

* I'm very shy person. I feel the best in company of only 2 persons (that means me and another friend). If there's a group of more people, I'm usually quiet person in this group and I don't talk a lot.

* I'm not very sociable person, sometimes I feel the best alone with no one near me (not even my BF) and doing what I enjoy doing (painting nails, watching movies, series, blogging ...).

* I have a problem with trusting people. I have to know them for a while, before I start take someone into a confidence. That's why I also don't like knowing new people, because it takes me a while, before I start to look on them as on my friends.

* I swear a lot. I know, it's a bad habbit and I tried to a avoid it, but sometimes it just happens subconsciously.

* Working as a beauty blogger would be my dream job, because I really enjoy blogging.

* When I was 11, I shaved one of my eyebrows down. I though that's the way, how you should plug your eyebrows. Since then I'm plugging them regularly and I made them every time more thin and now I hate them, they look horrible. What can I say, I was stupid when I was young.

* I love watching animated movies, they're one of my favourites.

* On the other side I hate watching horrow movies and I never ever watch them.

* I always watch movies with subtitles.

* I used to had different shape of my nails - some were round and some more square. When I start to blog, I shaped them round and after some time I shaped them square and now I'm very satisfied with the shape of my nails. Although on my right hand I rarely have them in the same shape, because specially my middle finger brokes all the time. I think this is the most weak nail on my hands. 

* I don't remember, when I start to wear make up, but I had different periods, connected with it. There was a time, when I couldn't go out without make up and then was also a time, when I didn't wear make up at all - I think that was in my first or second year on faculty. After that I started to wear makeup again and it rarely happens, that I go somewhere without at least mascara and BB cream (although I don't have a problem with going out with no make up on).

* I wish I would own a museum with many interesting artefacts from all over the world.

* I rarely read beauty/fashion magazines. I rarely find them interesting and fun, most of the time articles are stupid and not useful. I prefer reading beauty/fashion blogs, I think I can learn much more from them.

* When I really love the movie, I watch it all over again. I watched Pirates from the Carribean so many times already, that I forgot to count. There are also some other movies (The Mummy, The Avengers, Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings ...), that I watched them more than once or twice.

* Sometimes I get too emotional with fiction characters. I cry, if they die or when the movie is over (that also goes for books).

* I'm a boring person. I don't know how to tell a good joke and I don't know how to amuse people around me. 

* I love wearing shoes with high heel.

* I'm often doing plans in my head, how my day/things/studying should go and if it doesn't go like that, I'm in a bad mood.

* I don't like changes.

* I hope that one day I'll have my own nail polish collection. I really want a polish with my name.

* I want to have 3 kids.

* I wear glasses since I was 14.

* In my whole life I visited only 7 countries: Italy, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and Slovakia. I hope my finance will enable me in the future to travel more and further.

* If I listen to a radio, I always listen a Croatian program, because I love their music.

* I love fairytales.

* I don't drink tee, because I hate its taste (any taste). To me that's just a hot water, that has a strange taste and I don't like that.

* I always drink ice cold water. Even when I'm brushing my teeth, I have to rinse my mouth with cold water (my BF does that with warm water).

* I'm not a big coffee drinker, but if I drink it, I always order white coffee. I also like the flavour of latte machiato.

* I hate spiders and snakes.

* I don't have tatoos and I'm not planning to have any.

* When I was a little girl, I dreamed about a big wedding in church with white dress and a lot of guests. Now, if I'll ever get married, I want to have a small civil wedding with only closest family members and friends.

* When I really like one song, I have it on repeat all the time and I don't listen anything else, until I don't get bored of it. 

* My shoe size is 39, which is not always nice, because most of the girls have this shoe size and sometimes, when I really like some shoes, I can't buy them, because 39 is already sold out.

* I prefer buying summer clothes than winter clothes.

* When I was still in high school, I studied for my exams while listening to the music on my radio and I did homework, while watching TV. Then, when I went on faculty, I couldn't study, if there wasn't a silence. My favourite place to study was somewhere outside in the shadow.

* I like cooking, but I hate washing dishes.

* My favourite color is green.

* I hate pink color and I don't like wearing pink clothes, shoes or nail polishes, but I do love pink blushes and lip products. Not logical, but true.

* I'm a huge bookworm. I love reading books. When I start reading interestig book, I just can't put it down. But if I start reading a book, that doesn't attract me quickly, I can't force myself to finish it. 

* I like silence. Most of the times, when I'm doing something, I don't listen to music. Except, if I go for a walk alone. Then I always listen to music, because it gaves me a feeling, that I have more energy.

* I can't write a post, until I don't have all photos edited and uploaded on Blogger. I have to know, before I start writing, how many photos will be in post and where between writing will they be placed.

* I'm very bad with foreign languages. I speak only English and even that bad. I understand Croatian and Serbian very well, but I just can't speak these 2 languages, I always mix their words with Slovenian. I also understand a bit Spanish. I learned German in school for very long time, but when I go in Austria, I barely understand anything. Yes, that bad I am.

* I hate cigarettes and smoking. My father, brother and boyfriend are smoking, but I hate the smell of cigarettes, I just can't be around them, when they're smoking. I tried to convince my boyfriend to stop smoking, but that's a mission impossible.

That's it. I was writing this post for few weeks, because it wasn't very easy to find 50 random things about me, specially because I told you many thing about me before (after all I'm blogging for more than 3 years now). But I hope, you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!

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  1. I'm from Croatia, but I don't understand Slovenian at all and I want to say you that we have so many things in common! Girl, you rock! :*

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment, they always brighten up my day. :*

  2. Great post!So many times my reaction was Me too! Mostly because I also have problem with trusting people and I like to be alone which is sometimes difficult because people around me don't understand it always.

    1. Thank you. :) It's nice to hear, that we have some things in common. :)

  3. Yay za tale post! Jih ful rada berem. Tudi jaz sem 'ta tiha' ko se znajdem v skupini oziroma ko sem obkrožena z ljudmi, ki jih ne poznam. Aja, pa jočem se tudi ob smrti oziroma poslavljanju fikcijskih oseb, haha. Bi me mogla vidit kakšna sem bla ob zadnji epizodi Gossip Girl ali pa 90210... :D

    1. Jaz jih tudi rada berem. :)
      Jaz se tudi skoz jočem, potem pa se fant reži z mene, a kaj, če sem pač čustvena. :)

  4. nice post/reading. few similarities that i noticed...
    - I also want to publish a book one day and it's my childhood wish. i love to write (I also wrote poetry)
    - otherwise I'm outgoing but like u, I feel the best in company of only 2 persons and I like my own space and time
    - I also love watching animated movies <3 I love silly things... and the older I get the more I can't watch horror movies
    - I'm also very critical about magazines (but I more despise articles like: How to satisfy a man, be this, be that and all that bulls** that makes people (especially girls) stupid)
    - 'if I really love the movie, I watch it all over again' - me too :) and laught at the same jokes even though I know all the lines etc:)
    - plus I also get too emotional with fiction characters (I must remind myself: heloo it's just a movie/series/book!)
    - I have the same problem with shoe size :s
    - I also prefer buying summer clothes than winter clothes (I think I fall a sleep in fashion sense in winter time because clothes are either too expensive ot I don't like it)
    - I also hated pink color. childhood trauma - my mom always forced me to wear pink but a few years back I defeat trauma and start to buy some pink clothes.. some underwear, pj's, t-shirt... I still don't like too much pink... i like bold intense pink shades not soft ones as much
    - I hate cigarettes and smoking too... nobody in my family or company smokes so I honestly don't know how would I get used to that again...bjaaaah! And if someone at bus station or near me smokes, I always step aside...

    1. You should see me now reading your comment. I was going "Yes# "Exactly" all the time. The reason, I hate reading magazines, is exactly in those stupid articles, how to ... bla bla bla and in them there are so amyn stupid advices, that no smart girl should take them into a consideration.

      Thank you for such a long comment, I see, we have some things in common. :)

    2. Ha, very cool :)

      And another thing I wanted to say about magazines. In most of them, reports about beauty products are so parcial... if magazine's firm cooperate with particulare beauty firm of course they going to encourage to buy their products and have million adds in every second page of that particulare beauty firm.. On blogs you have more freedom, it's more up-to-date and so on...

    3. Gosh, I know. These adds are getting so on my nerves. :/

  5. Je l' to Frostbite pozira? :)
    Divan post

  6. Super post, meni so ti vedno zelo všeč, ker se mi zdi, da izveš nekaj novega, pa še vedno zraven govorim, oo js tud to delam, ali pa kaj podobnega :D

    1. Hvala. :)
      Haha, jaz isto delam, ko berem take bloge. ;)

  7. Odlcan post! Uzivala sam dok sam citala. :)

  8. Uf, smo si pa kr podobne :)

  9. Uf potpisujem ovo za psovanje, koliko god sam se pokusavala rijesit toga jace je od mene, sad samo priznam da sam grozno nepristojna i da si ne mogu pomoc :D I ja sam kao klinka htjela napisat i objavit knjigu (pomalo jos uvijek zelim) ali nikad nisam uspjela napisat ni jednu. Pisanje poezije mi je negdje do prije par godina bila vrlo draga aktivnost, sad vise nemam inspiracije :/ Jezici, joj mislim da mi je engleski jako dobar, talijanski sam pozaboravljala ali razumijem stogod, od "nasih" jezika razumijem ponesto slovenskog i makedonskog, ali nijedan ne bi mogla pricat, dobro i srpski, al on je preslican hrvatskom XD Sto se citanja tice takodjer obozavam :D Ako napravis Goodreads profl javi se da vidim sto citas :D

    1. Saj jaz tudi ne pišem več zato, ker nimam insoiracije.
      Hvala za priporočilo za to stran, prej je nisem poznala. Bom sedaj preverila. :)

  10. in Slovakia??? aw :-D great :-) Did you like there? :-)
    uf, it´s really lot of fact. When I read your slovenian tweets, I little understand you. Slavic language are so similar. I think that Slovenian and Croatian is the same as our slovak and czech language :-)

    1. Yes, I was there few years ago on a school trip. :)
      Yes, Slavic languages are very similar, if you make a bit of effort, you can understand a bit of each Slavic language. ;)

  11. većina može proći osim jedne stvari - za razliku od tebe, ja apsolutno ne podnosim tišinu, kod mene je muzika sveprisutna, čak i lakše spavam ako muzika svira :D
    pisala isto dok sam bila mlađa, a kasnije samo za svoju dušu, danas čak ni dnevnik nemam... bojim se da bi ono što bih stavila na papir bilo prestrašno naporno i dosadno ;)
    većina moje rodbine je u sloveniji, ali me nikad nisu nagovorili da govorim slovenski, držim se hrvatskog, a bitno je da se razumijemo ;)
    o ljubavi prema knjigama ili filmu i pjesmama na repeat-u neću niti počinjati ;)
    mislim da sama ne bih mogla napisati ovakav post :D

    1. Mislim, da nas večina Slovencev razume hrvaško, če se le potrudimo. :)
      Je kar precej dejstev in traja en čas, da se nabere. :)

  12. Zanimiv post! Sem se nasmejala ob Piratih s Karibov. Imam vse 4 original dvdje, ravno dva tedna nazaj sem gledala prvega že sto prvi put :D

    1. Hvala. :)
      Jaz dvd-jev sicer nimam, imam pa vse dele na računalniku in jih vsake toliko pogledam. Nekaterih filmov se človek pač ne more naveličati. :)