Essence We Rock the Green and Upper Green Side

Hi, girls! Today I have for you 2 Essence green shades, that I swatches a long time ago, but they were waiting in my unpublished folder to be posted on my blog. I'll be short today, because I don't have that much to say about them.

First shade is We Rock the Green. I really like this one. It's like a grass green shade with a lot of multicoloured shimmer. The application of this one was ok, I needed 2 coats to make it opaque. You already saw it on my blog here, where I used it as a base for cloud manicure.

Next one is Upper Green Side. This is a bright green shade, that contains a tiny blue shimmer, which isn't really visible on nails. The application of this one was tricky, I just couldn't apply it even on the side of my nails. I don't know, if it's the brush or the formula. I also used 2 coats here to make it opaque.

Have you try any of these 2 polishes? What do you think about both shades? Thank you for reading!

Manicure with Bourjois Turquoise Block and In the Navy

Hi, girls! So, I couldn't wait and I had to try Bourjois polishes, that I bought last week (I showed them in Random Sunday post). I couldn't decided, which one to wear first, so I made a skittle manicure with both of them. I have to admit, they look amazing together.

Although the name of the green shade is Turquoise Block, to me this polish isn't turquoise at all, because it doesn't have blue in it. I would say, it's a nice spring green color. In the Navy is a cobal blue shade. Both polishes have cream finish. I know, some of you don't like their wide brush, but I don't have problem with it. Maybe the polish is only a bit harder to apply on my pinkie, which is the smallest finger, but on others I didn't have problem with application at all. The formula of both polishes is amazing, they are very opaque, I needed only one coat for full coverage. Although I usually use 2 coats of polish, no mather, how opaque it is, I used only one here.

I couldn't leave them alone, I had to do some nail art, so I did something very easy - leopard print. I'm a huge fan of this print, I never get bored of it.

In the bottle is In the Navy very similar to new Essence Show Your Feet polish in Electric blue. I made a  comparison between them on a nail wheel, because I wanted to know, if they're dupes or not. As you can see on the photo, no dupes here. Essence is much brighter than Bourjois. For someone they're maybe close enough, but I like both and I'm glad to have both in my stash.

I bought Bourjois polishes in DM, when they were 25 % off. I'm not sure, if this discount it's still running. I know, also Müller had their polishes 25 % off. If you like any of their polishes, I think it's better to buy them, when they're on sale, becase they're not so cheap.

What do you think about these 2 shades, do you like them? Thank you for reading!

50 Random Facts About Me

Hi, girls! I finally have a 50 Random Facts About Me tag for you. I decided to write this tag, because through it you can know me better and I know, you like random posts. I won't write things like I'm a nail polish addict, I love makeup and nail art, because you already know that. All photos in this post are mine, although they don't have watermark.

* I'm a chocoholic.  

* I'm very stubborn. 

* My favourite season is Spring. I really love, when everything starts to grow and blossom.

* I'm a brunette. I already had black and blond hair, also very dark purpulish-red (on my prom, I don't remember the name of the color anymore), but I think I'll never color my hair back to those colors. Black is too dark for me and blond is just not for me (they were more yellow than blond anyway). Maybe I would have a more lighter brown that I have now, but I like the current color of my hair very much.

* When a was little girl (I was around 7) I had blond tuft of hair. My dad always says, that I had gorgeous hair and that everyone was asking, how that they colored my hair, because I was still a child, but they were natural. 

* When I was still in elementary school, I dreamed that I'll publish a book one day. During summer holidays I wrote a book about 4 girls and their adventures. Next year I wrote another book. I still have both somewhere, but I don't plan to publish them anymore.

* I also wrote a poetry in high school and at the beginning of my study. In high school we had a literary evening, where a read one of my poems. I was really happy because of that back then. 

* I'm very shy person. I feel the best in company of only 2 persons (that means me and another friend). If there's a group of more people, I'm usually quiet person in this group and I don't talk a lot.

* I'm not very sociable person, sometimes I feel the best alone with no one near me (not even my BF) and doing what I enjoy doing (painting nails, watching movies, series, blogging ...).

* I have a problem with trusting people. I have to know them for a while, before I start take someone into a confidence. That's why I also don't like knowing new people, because it takes me a while, before I start to look on them as on my friends.

* I swear a lot. I know, it's a bad habbit and I tried to a avoid it, but sometimes it just happens subconsciously.

* Working as a beauty blogger would be my dream job, because I really enjoy blogging.

* When I was 11, I shaved one of my eyebrows down. I though that's the way, how you should plug your eyebrows. Since then I'm plugging them regularly and I made them every time more thin and now I hate them, they look horrible. What can I say, I was stupid when I was young.

* I love watching animated movies, they're one of my favourites.

* On the other side I hate watching horrow movies and I never ever watch them.

* I always watch movies with subtitles.

* I used to had different shape of my nails - some were round and some more square. When I start to blog, I shaped them round and after some time I shaped them square and now I'm very satisfied with the shape of my nails. Although on my right hand I rarely have them in the same shape, because specially my middle finger brokes all the time. I think this is the most weak nail on my hands. 

* I don't remember, when I start to wear make up, but I had different periods, connected with it. There was a time, when I couldn't go out without make up and then was also a time, when I didn't wear make up at all - I think that was in my first or second year on faculty. After that I started to wear makeup again and it rarely happens, that I go somewhere without at least mascara and BB cream (although I don't have a problem with going out with no make up on).

* I wish I would own a museum with many interesting artefacts from all over the world.

* I rarely read beauty/fashion magazines. I rarely find them interesting and fun, most of the time articles are stupid and not useful. I prefer reading beauty/fashion blogs, I think I can learn much more from them.

* When I really love the movie, I watch it all over again. I watched Pirates from the Carribean so many times already, that I forgot to count. There are also some other movies (The Mummy, The Avengers, Indiana Jones, The Lord of the Rings ...), that I watched them more than once or twice.

* Sometimes I get too emotional with fiction characters. I cry, if they die or when the movie is over (that also goes for books).

* I'm a boring person. I don't know how to tell a good joke and I don't know how to amuse people around me. 

* I love wearing shoes with high heel.

* I'm often doing plans in my head, how my day/things/studying should go and if it doesn't go like that, I'm in a bad mood.

* I don't like changes.

* I hope that one day I'll have my own nail polish collection. I really want a polish with my name.

* I want to have 3 kids.

* I wear glasses since I was 14.

* In my whole life I visited only 7 countries: Italy, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece and Slovakia. I hope my finance will enable me in the future to travel more and further.

* If I listen to a radio, I always listen a Croatian program, because I love their music.

* I love fairytales.

* I don't drink tee, because I hate its taste (any taste). To me that's just a hot water, that has a strange taste and I don't like that.

* I always drink ice cold water. Even when I'm brushing my teeth, I have to rinse my mouth with cold water (my BF does that with warm water).

* I'm not a big coffee drinker, but if I drink it, I always order white coffee. I also like the flavour of latte machiato.

* I hate spiders and snakes.

* I don't have tatoos and I'm not planning to have any.

* When I was a little girl, I dreamed about a big wedding in church with white dress and a lot of guests. Now, if I'll ever get married, I want to have a small civil wedding with only closest family members and friends.

* When I really like one song, I have it on repeat all the time and I don't listen anything else, until I don't get bored of it. 

* My shoe size is 39, which is not always nice, because most of the girls have this shoe size and sometimes, when I really like some shoes, I can't buy them, because 39 is already sold out.

* I prefer buying summer clothes than winter clothes.

* When I was still in high school, I studied for my exams while listening to the music on my radio and I did homework, while watching TV. Then, when I went on faculty, I couldn't study, if there wasn't a silence. My favourite place to study was somewhere outside in the shadow.

* I like cooking, but I hate washing dishes.

* My favourite color is green.

* I hate pink color and I don't like wearing pink clothes, shoes or nail polishes, but I do love pink blushes and lip products. Not logical, but true.

* I'm a huge bookworm. I love reading books. When I start reading interestig book, I just can't put it down. But if I start reading a book, that doesn't attract me quickly, I can't force myself to finish it. 

* I like silence. Most of the times, when I'm doing something, I don't listen to music. Except, if I go for a walk alone. Then I always listen to music, because it gaves me a feeling, that I have more energy.

* I can't write a post, until I don't have all photos edited and uploaded on Blogger. I have to know, before I start writing, how many photos will be in post and where between writing will they be placed.

* I'm very bad with foreign languages. I speak only English and even that bad. I understand Croatian and Serbian very well, but I just can't speak these 2 languages, I always mix their words with Slovenian. I also understand a bit Spanish. I learned German in school for very long time, but when I go in Austria, I barely understand anything. Yes, that bad I am.

* I hate cigarettes and smoking. My father, brother and boyfriend are smoking, but I hate the smell of cigarettes, I just can't be around them, when they're smoking. I tried to convince my boyfriend to stop smoking, but that's a mission impossible.

That's it. I was writing this post for few weeks, because it wasn't very easy to find 50 random things about me, specially because I told you many thing about me before (after all I'm blogging for more than 3 years now). But I hope, you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading!

Barry M Chameleon Blue

Hi, girls! After I show you Essence color changing polishes, I have one similar polish today for you. It's Barry M Chameleon Blue. It's on the same princip as Essence polishes - when you apply it, it's in certain color and when you use clear polish over it, it changes the color.

Chameleon blue is a greyish blue shade. The polish is very pigmented, it's opaque already after one coat. It drys very fast. I had some problems with application, because it seemed to me, like the polish dried, while I was applying it and I couldn't spread it equaly over a whole nail, I made a tiny bump in the middle of the nail, so I had to fix that with second coat. Gosh, I hope you understand, what I wanted to say here. I used base coat under it, but I read, that these polishes apply better on bare nails. I don't know, I always use base coat, before I apply any polish on my nails (even, when I'm doing swatches!). I had some problems with bubles, but I guess, that's because I used thicker coats.

When you apply clear polish over this shade, it changes into a burgundy shade. I have to admit, I prefer its primary color, so I'll use it without top coat. I'll probably also use it for stamping, because it's so good pigmented.

Barry M Chameleon Colour Changing Nail Effect polishes are available on Lič (Slovenian readers). There are 3 different colors and one polish contains 10 ml of product. 

Have you try Barry M Chameleon polishes or any other colour changing polishes? What do you think about them? Thank you for reading!

*This product was sent to me for review.

Random Sunday #30

Hi, girls! It's Sunday and for my blog this means Random Sunday post. I have to admit, I wasn't planning to write it today, because I though I don't have enough photos and I wanted post this week's photos next Sunday, but when I went through them, I saw, that there is enough photos for one post, so here it is. Some nails, some food and some hauls.

I wore Essie Avenue Maintain at the beginning of this week (after I removed Misslyn Royal Blue).

I decided to spice up a bit my manicure, so I added some pastel dots and matte top coat. I really like, how it looked in the end. 

Doughnuts from Trojane.

A chocolate doughnut from Trojane. It's not that bad, but those with jam are much better.

 The best sandwich to eat, when you're on the road and you're hungry.

New Ebelin brushes finally came in Slovenia. For the beginning I bought brush for make up and concealer and a sponge for washing and pilling face. I also want to get a stippling brush and a beauty blender, although I haven't saw the second one in our DM.

Bourjois polishes are 25 % off in DM, so I took my chance and bought 2 polishes from my WL, Turquoise Block and In the Navy.

Wearing Misslyn Royal Blue again. Now I'm wearing it for the third day, it's second day with top coat (first day I wore it alone) and it still didn't chip. Ah, pure love.

I hope, you'll have fantastic week. Thank you for reading!

Bio Nature 3in1 and 954 Nail Polishes

Pozdrav vsem skupaj! Danes vam na blogu predstavljam novost v Sloveniji - lake Lady Lya Bio Nature. Gre za lake, ki so 85 % sestavljeni iz sestavin naravnega izvora. Jaz sama sestavin ne morem komentirati, ker se ne razumem v njih, lahko pa kaj več o njih povejo punce, ki jih razumejo (sem priložila fotko). Ne vsebujejo formaldehida, toluena in BDP-jev. V oceno sem prejela 3v1 lak in lak v odtenku 954 Laquered Mauve.

Hi, girls! Today I'm showing you Lady Lya Bio Nature nail polishes! They're 85 % from natural indigredients and do not contain folmaldehyde, toluene and BDP.

Če povem najprej nekaj besed o laku 3v1. Gre za lak, ki se lahko uporablja kot podlak, nadlak ali pa kot samostojen prozoren lak. Stestirala sem vse 3 možnosti in po mojih izkušnjah se odlično obnese kot samostojen lak, ker daje zelo lep sijaj nohtu, in tudi kot podlak. Po nanosu na gol noht se lak zelo hitro posuši. Kot nadlak mi ni preveč všeč, verjetno zato, ker sem preveč navajena na Essencov hitrosušeč nadlak, ki lak posuši v trenutku. Ta lak se kot nadlak tudi posuši dokaj hitro, po kakih 15 minutah, ampak kljub temu ni popolnoma suh. Nanesla sem ga par ur, preden sem šla spat, ampak so se mi zjutraj vseeno poznali odtisi rjuh na nohtih. Tako da tale lak bo pri meni v uporabi le kot podlak (redko imam gole nohte brez barvnega laka), ker se odlično razume z različnimi znamkami lakov.

First I'm going to review 3in 1 nail polish. It's a polish, that can be used as a base coat, top coat or clear polish. As base coat and clear polish it works great, it gives a shine to nails and it dry fasts. As top coat I don't like it very much. It drys in around 15 minutes, but not 100 %. I applied it few hours before going to bed, but in the morning there were prints from sheets. I'll use it as a base coat, but as a top coat I'll rather use Essence fast drying TC. 

954 Laquered Mauve je odtenek "mauve" barve, bolj tak umazano pink. Sam lak ima super formulo, ki ne povzroča težav pri nanosu, je pa formula nekje med krem in jelly. Za prekrivnost so potrebni 2-3 sloji, odvisno od tega, kako tanke/debele sloje nanašate. Kar mi je zelo všeč pri tem laku, je čopič. Ravno prave velikosti in malo ploščat, zato se lak z njim res super nanaša. Kot verjetno veste, jaz nikoli ne govorim o obstojnosti lakov, ker pri meni ponavadi zdržijo kak dan, potem pa se mi začnejo krušiti in to ne glede na to, katere znamke lak uporabim. Če perem posodo, mi ne zdržijo niti en dan. Moram pa pohvaliti ta lak. Nosila sem ga le 2 dni, sem pa vmes 4-krat prala posodo in se mi je začel krušiti šele pri zadnjem pranju. Sem pa kot manikuro nosila 3v1 lak kot podlak, 2 sloja odtenka 954 in 3v1 lak kot nadlak. Pri ostalih puncah, ki imate boljše izkušnje z obstojnosti, verjamem, da bi zdržal še dlje.

954 Laquered Mauve is a mauve shade, that has formula between cream and jelly. Application was good, because the formula is ok and the brush is great. I needed 2 or 3 coats to make it opaque, it depends, if I used thin or thicker coats. It drys fast. I wore it for 2 days as my manicure and although I washed dishes around 4 times in between, it started chipping no sooner than by the last washing, so I think it would last even longer, if I wouldn't wash the dishes.

Odtenek 954 sem pofotkala še z nadlakom in tu se vidi, da daje lak 3v1 odličen sijaj.

I applied 3in1 polish over 954. It gave it a great shine.

Lady Lya Bio Nature laki so na voljo v spletni trgovini Zapikonai, vse odtenke pa si lahko ogledate tukaj. Oba laka, tako 3v1 kot barvni lak, vsebujeta 12 ml izdelka. Embalaža je prav luštna, pokrov je zelen, s čimer nakazujejo, da gre za bio lake.

Ste že preizkusile Lady Lya lake? Kakšno je vaše mnenje o njih? 

Did you try Lady Lya Bio Nature polishes? What's your opinion about them? Thank you for reading!

*Oba izdelka sem prejela v oceno, kar pa ne vpliva na moje mnenje.

Birthday Giveaway

Hi, girls! As I promised, I'm opening a Birthday Giveaway for you. 3 day after my Birthday, but it doesn't matter. All these products are new, some were bought by me and some were donated by Slovenian online store Lič (for which I'm very grateful). :)

- MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain Fruitilicious
- Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Dragon
- Beauty UK Frozen Kingdom
- Essence Wake Up!
- Catrice I'm A Blue Or Green
- Essence Guerilla Gardening cream to powder blush Mission Flower (not on photo, because I forgot to add it)
- handmade bracelet, made by me

The rules for this giveaway are:
- you HAVE to be my follower on ONE of these sites: GFC, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Bloglovin. If your follow me on more than one site, there will be optional entries too. (If you follow me on Twitter and not anywhere else, just write Twitter and your account name and you're entered. The same for other social sites).
- you HAVE to tell me, which coutry are your from, because this giveaway is open ONLY for EUROPE (sorry, international readers - but I have open an international giveaway too, you can enter here). If you won't fulfill this request, you will be disqualify.
- there will be only 1 winner.
- giveaway is open till 22. 6. 2013. Winner will be chosen randomly and will have 48 hours to answer my email. 

Good luck to you all. :)

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NOTD: Misslyn Royal Blue

Hi, girls! In this post I'm showing you swatches of Misslyn Royal Blue polish. Before I continue - you NEED it in your life. :) This polish was a birthday present from my darling and I promised him, I'll wore one of the polishes, he got me, on my birthday day, so I decided for this one. I'm in love (with both of course, my boyfriend and this nail polish :P).

Royal Blue was part of Velvet Diamond collection (I'm not sure, if this one was LE or it will be part of permanent line). I showed you swatches of other 3 polishes from this collection here. I have no idea, why I haven't bought this one at the beginning, because it's the prettiest shade in this collection. It's a royal blue shade with bright blue and violet shimmer. It's a bit darker in person, I don't know, why my camera made it brighter. I wore it without top coat, the rough finish doesn't bother me at all. I used 2 coats, they were enough for full opacity. I love these polishes, I have a feeling, that they last longer on me. I washed dishes wearing this one and it didn't chip at all. Other polishes chip immediatelly, if I'm washing dishes or cleaning. I'm still wearing it and I already see, the removal will be PITA, but it doesn't matter. I'll wore it again soon (after I try my other new goodies).

If you want to see, how it looks with top coat, check Katja's swatches here. Her swatches were the reason, I felt in love with this polish and I wanted to have it. 

What do you think about this shade, do you like it? Thank you for reading!

(Not So) Random Sunday on Monday

Hi, girls! Yesterday I promised you Random Sunday post, but there was something wrong with Blogger in the evening, it just didn't want to upload me photos. I have no idea, what's his problem. So I decided to post it today with a bit different title. 

Essence Choose Me was one of my manicures last week. Amazing polish, I have to wear it more often.

Hiding in a big grass.

Walking in a row home from a walk.

This is me in the eyes of a 6 year old girl.

A rainbow.

Trying new Casali Coco Nuts for the first time. I have to say, I like it more than original.

Everything is blue.

Grandmother gave me some flowers for my birthday. Telling the truth, I have no idea, how are they called (grandmother says, they are called "risarski klinci" in Prekmurje).

Somebody loves ice cream. 

And ice cream for a birthday girl. 

Katja from Colorful Harmony was so sweet and she surprised me with a birthday present. She is such an amazing girl, if you still don't follow her blog, go and click follow NOW. She got me blush brush and 2 Flormar polishes P27 and 34. Both shades are gorgeous.

I have the best boyfriend in the world, what can I say. He got me such an amazing present. Beside sweets( which I love love) he also got me 3 perfect shades of nail polishes: Misslyn Royal Blue, Essie Avenue Maintain and Bourjois Amande Defile. I already wore Misslyn polish, you can see it on one of the photos in this post. And now I also have a chance to try another Essie polish, I hope this one will work better. If you want to see swatch of any of the polishes I got, juts let me know. Misslyn swatches will be publish later today.

So, that's it. One day later, but anyway, I hope the start of new week was great and it will continue so. Thank you for reading!


Hi, everyone! So, it's that day in a year - my birthday. I'm 25 this year. Gosh, I can't believe, how fast the time is flying by. It's like I've been 15 not so long ago and now I'm already 25. We call this number (at least in my family) "mali abraham". This years birthday is not one of the most prettiest, because my brother is in hospital and I'm so worried for him. I'm hoping for the best. I noticed, that doing nail art relaxes me and helps me forget on my worries for some time, so I decided to do a birthday nail art. This is not my actual birthday NOTD, because after washing dishes and taking shower it already chipped.

First I started with 2 coats of Essence Electric Blue on middle and ring fingers and 2 coats of She 115 on other nails. Then I used my all time favourite mint polish Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet to write numbers 2 and 5. In the end I used different polishes for baloons: Essence Edward, Essence Makes Me Week, Catrice Bye, Bye Birdy and Catrice It Blue My Mind

Later today I'll also publish Random Sunday, so come back to check that post also. I also wanted to open "Birthday Giveaway" today, but because of everything I didn't photograph prizes yet, so I'll do that tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for your wishes on Twitter and Facebook, you're the best readers and friends (I have all of your for my friends) in a whole wide world, I love you all. :*